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इस विडीओ में सुनील तुलसियानी ने सिखाया है कैसे कमाए बिना पैसे के पैसा, Real Estate में I सुनील तुलसियानी एक अरबपति भारतीय हैं मगर रहते कनाडा में हैं I ये एक International Motivational Speaker हैं I

In this video Sunil Tulsiyani has taught how to make money without money in Real Estate . Sunil Tulsiyani is a billionaire Indian but lives in Canada. He is an International Motivational Speaker.

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  1. Wastage of time to watch these real estate Indian videos, not practically possible, this is like this ke chlo, lets make a video kuch to youtube se aayega, real estate se to is tarah aane se rha.

  2. Bank 80la loan liya rate of interest 8.5 EMI 69425 Jo rent Aaya 20000 Baki amount apni Jeb se bharna Pada 49425 India mein Sharif 15% property Hai Jis per year Mein 10% increase Hota Hai so how to come Millionaire ???? Kuchh Bhi

  3. Bhai sahab..1 cr ki property ka emi 71000/- per month hoga
    Itna to koi property rentals ayega nahi….and ye bina logic me fek k chale gai aap
    20 lac me 20 year's me 11.5 cr.
    Not good

  4. सर जिसकी जेब में लाखों रुपए होना तो लाखों देने वाले बहुत होते और जेब में ₹1 भी नहीं तो कोई पैसे देने वाले नहीं नहीं है नहीं है नहीं है फिर ऐसी स्थिति में क्या करें उस पर वीडियो बनाओ अनुराग जी

  5. Shame on you guys for misguiding and trying to fool people with your shody Math work
    Scenario-1: House bought from own money (1Cr) goes to a market value of 2 Crores.
    Profit: 1 crore
    Scenario-2: House bought from 20% of own money (20 lakhs) goes to a market value of 2 Crores.
    Profit: 2 crore minus 20 lakhs minus 80 lakhs (bank loan, principal only) = 1 crore
    # Even if rental income is considered, In Scenario-1, the owner will get 10 years worth of rental income and in Scenario-2, the owner will have to pay EMIs for 10 years from that rental income (considering rental income = bank loan principal amount + interest)
    # That stupid math of yours where you show a benefit of 11.5 crore is simply impossible as the final market value of the house is only 2 Crores after 10 years.
    # Buying a property with own money or taking bank loans will yield similar results while the only thing to understand is of the interest rate you can achieve from your capital investment though other means versus the home loan interest rate you would have to pay.
    For e.g., Buying a house for 1 crore
    Bank loan interest rate- 7.5%
    FD/RD/Mutual fund etc investment rate > 7.5%
    Result- Go for a bank loan
    FD/RD/Mutual fund etc investment rate < 7.5%
    Result- 100% own Capital.

  6. wrong calculation: 20 lacs giving every year 10 lacsx10 years 1 cr, how all of sudden he creates 11 cr with calculation?
    5 properties of 5 cr become 10 cr, with calculator he created 57 cr.

  7. आपका चित्रमुद्रण देखा ,बोध हुआ , बिन पैसे के पैसा अर्जन करने का कौशल – गुण कोई आप से सीखे ,ये ही संसार की रित है। धन्यवाद् //जयहिंद जयभारत //

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