✅ TOP 10: Things To Do In Denver

Things To Do In Denver.
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Whether you’re looking for things to do in Denver this weekend or things to do in Denver today this video will be helpful to tourists who are new to the amazing city of Denver.

We share fun things to do in Denver that act as both free things to do in Denver as well as the best things to do in Denver.

This video breaks down the top things to do in Denver, making sure that you see all the attractions and sites that are worth visiting. If you’ve been struggling with figuring out what things to do in Denver CO then you’ve come to the right place.

If you have children and need things to do in Denver with kids this video should have several ideas for you.


  1. Back in the early 70's we had The Denver Wax Museum and The Hall Of Presidents Wax Museum in Colorado Springs. Hard to say why the wax museums got dumped and never came back.

  2. I live in Denver and if you drive up lookout mountain in Golden and do NOT stop/turn around when you're under the rock M and you go further up the road there's spots to stop and take pictures.

  3. I live in Colorado
    Okay I already disagree with this list
    Elitch gardens that okay but you didn’t say it right
    Larimer square really
    Red rocks is good
    Denver zoo is kind of boring, just my opinion
    I like the robots, just my opinion
    The fish are cool
    Really, coins
    I was thinking that Glenwood Springs would be on there but then I remembered Glenwood is not in denver

  4. You can loot Target, twist white people's bodies into knots, you can spray paint "I Love Jared Schutz/Polis" all over the buildings, no law to worry about here.

  5. 10 things I love to do as a local
    South valley trail
    Winkoop bar
    One up bar
    Tracks night club
    Charlie’s night club
    Hamburger Mary’s
    Illegal burger
    Bad daddy’s burger bar
    Retro room

  6. *helpful hint at the end of text*I lived in Denver for one year, and in the state for about 4 years. there isn't much to Denver. it is a very basic city, not like Atlanta, DC, etc., there are 2 museums, 2 parks, a zoo, a shopping mall, a luxury mall, and that is mostly it. Denver is mostly if you are spending the night to get acclimated to the altitude before you go to the mountains, and for business. there is nothing to do downtown really with the exception of a free tour of the capitol building (fun if you are hard on cash) don't go to lamier square, there nothing to do there. the only other unique places downtown are Union Station and the Tatter book cover book store. There are no observation decks with the exception of a balcony at the science museum way far in the distance, or a parking garage. there are no unique restaurants on 16th street or anywhere really. 16th street has just some normal stores (target, candy store, Starbucks, mall-like stores, a movie theater, and chain restaurants) and you can not go up the Daniels and Fischer Tower, so it is kinda bland. Little man ice cream and Hammonds candies are fun unique local candy places to visit/tour. If you are thinking about moving to Denver just know, if you don't want to drive about an hour to get the mountains or about 2-4 to ski, you are going to be really bored, especially during the winter.

    *also before going to the zoo or art museum there free day. idk about the zoo, but the art is free every first saturday!!!

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