10 Concepts You MUST KNOW to Pass the Real Estate Exam!

Before you pass your real estate exam, there are a number of real estate terms you should know! PrepAgent has compiled the top 10 real estate vocabulary that you must know before you take the real estate test.

Study these real estate concepts explained in simple terms! It’s the best way to pass your real estate exam.

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Join Joe as he covers the following key concepts:
Real vs Personal Property
– Real Property – Immovable
– Personal Property – Movable
Estates in Property
Freehold vs Less That Freehold
Less That Freehold
Estate for Years
Periodic Tenancy
Estate at Will
Estate at Sufferance
Less That Freehold
Estate for Years
Periodic Tenancy
Estate at Will
Estate at Sufferance
Government Powers
Police Power
Eminent Domain
Types of Ownership
Concurrent Estates- Ownership With Others
Severalty – Sole Ownership
Concurrent Estates
Joint Tenancy
Tenancy in Common

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  1. So, with Tenancy in common, does the right of survivorship apply to both or all parties involved?

  2. Love it! I took my pre test and got a 55 after 180 hrs 😩. I learned more here in less than 20 min.

  3. taking my test today & happy to say that i’m very familiar with each topic you spoke on. 🙏🏼

  4. Passing the Real Estate exam is when you study hard, if you can’t study or you don’t have time for your studies I’d advise you get yourself a help like Mr James William

  5. Your videos helped me understand and I finally passed the National portion after many attempts!! Thank you so much Joe!

  6. I’m taking my 63 hour class I’ve heard lot of people says to much information and I’m a person if I overwhelmed I got headache. Just like to summarize and pass study the questions and Pass !

  7. Everyone is mentioning how many hours their classes were (40,75…) mine was 150 hours! Ah! I hope I pass tomorrow! Thank you for helping me review, prep agent. 🙂

  8. Just here to tell anyone who may come across this….LISTEN TO HIS VIDEOS…I completed my 90hr course and listened to #PrepAgent and passed the exam all within one month and first attempt!

  9. Hello, I am from Florida moving to Georgia what is the salesperson supplemental exam and where or how can I get it. can you please enlighten me Thank you

  10. The murky land analogically concentrate because tip largely replace abaft a halting act. square, harmonious shelf

  11. Watched this right before I went in for my test and passed! Love your videos, so helpful!

  12. Wow he took the time to basically teach me everything I struggled with in less than 15 minutes! Thank you!

  13. Im taking my final tomorrow and I’m scared, I’m from Guatemala I just moved to the US 3 years ago, I’m still learning a lot of English but I hope I still pass my test. I really did learn more from you. wish me luck😔💡

  14. Hey Joe, So, I am in school right now. How much Math do they ask because I am reallyy struggling with that> The terms I'm doing alright, although I am not sure when you show the questions & the instructor ask I know the answer but then when I take the test I fail. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG??????

  15. I passed first try!! Thank you so much for all the efforts!! I’ve learned a lot from your videos! 🙏🥂🎉🐶

  16. I passed Ohio test 2 years ago. Now I'm taking Michigan test tomorrow. Ugh hope I passed these test suck

  17. Thanks for the video. I will only watch real estate advice from a real person. No computer-generated voices or guys who sound like IRS call centers in Pakistan.

  18. I learned tons in few minutes very direct specific and easy to comprehend. testing in 3 weeks I hope ill pass !!! thank you again Joe

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