$170k 4bedroom house available for sale in Accra Ghana. ||Real estate house tour

Beautiful 4bedroom house available for sale in Accra Ghana, lakeside estate community. This property is situated on 40/100 size of plot. In a serene environment, spacious compound and rooms. It comes with cctv cameras, standby poly tank for water storage. Asked price of this property of this property is $180k ( Gh981,755) #property #Real estate #Investing in real estate #Empty house tour # house for sale #houses in Ghana #marketing in real estate #marketing #investment #Buiness #houses #$180k #building in Ghana #property for sale #Real estate house tour


  1. Nice house, terrific description and great price. Sure remember our demand, get rid of some of the concrete. Make room for some gardening. Houses in Washington DC metro are so expensive. Do they have angels from heaven living in them or what? I am just saying…

  2. And another beautiful and well planned house. I love the dark colours as it’s different and looks elegant. Hope the lights can be switched as I am not in a party mood everyday 😂 miss some green and would love to see more solar tech in general but nonetheless it’s precious 👌 I love your properties and the effort you are putting in. Thank you

  3. Very nice house. Love the design. You are doing a good job. Well done.
    Please can you give me the contact for the company doing the Glass on the balcony and Stairs. Thank you.

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