1962, sightseeing and a view from an observation platform, Denver Colorado

1962, sightseeing and a view from an observation platform, Denver Colorado

8 min 22 secs, 16mm 2k digital scan

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episode 314



  1. Isn't the glass building — the one with all the windows about 6:10 – isn't that the old May D&F building downtown Denver, might still be called Daniels and Fischer in 1962 – on 16th street. Torn down early 90s. I remember they had a huge sale before they tore it down. I was in college. Walked up after classes at Auraria to go.

  2. Beginning is the state capital building and the "mile high" marker step. Then inside the capital building. I don't recall what building the observation deck was on, but, I believe it was a bank or an insurance company. The end is the old May D&F store and plaza outside on the 16th Street side. As I recall I.M. Pei was the architect. BTW, it is gone now, torn down and replaced with a hotel. Hard to believe how downtown Denver has changed since that film was made.
    Some time stamp observations.

    0:48 across the street from the front of the Colorado Capital building

    1:20 the “mile high” marker step in going up to the capital building entrance

    1:29 capital entrance

    1:40 view from the capital entrance across Civic Plaza to I believe (at the time) was the county court house.

    2:00 Civil War cannon in the park across from the capital.

    2:26 Inside view of the capital dome from the rotunda.

    2:53 view of the Hilton Hotel from (Broadway ?)

    3:04 not sure of the building, but, where the observation deck was

    3:12 looks like the view to the northwest

    3:24 view southwest with the Daniels and Fisher department store clock tower. The clock tower was left standing (historical structure) when the store building was demolished.

    3:38 close up of the clock tower with Speer Blvd crossing over the Valley Highway (I-25)

    3:47 17th Street (?)

    3:03 view to the southeast with the state capital building

    4:23 view to the south. If the clouds weren’t there you would be able to see Pikes Peak

    5:02 view to the northwest. Viaduct over the old train yards. Not sure of the street (18th, 19th or 20th ?).

    5:14 view to the north

    5:58 May D&F Department store

    6:36 Zeckendorf Plaza. Ice skating in the winter, miniature golf in the summer.

    7:11 pedestrian bridge over Cleveland Place from the May D&F to the Hilton Hotel to the east

    7:59 looks like 16th Street

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