My sister and I decided to take a weekend trip to Denver back in October. We had fun exploring the mile high city and exploring the nearby Rocky Mountain National Park. If you’re looking for some ideas on what to do with 3 days in Denver, Colorado, this is the video for you. I hope you enjoy this Denver vlog, and all my future travel vlogs!





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  1. Ohh the weather was so nice here!! I wish I could travel more. I cant wait until the pandemic is over so I can start actually visiting the places on my list!

  2. Visiting Denver soon. I will try some of the places you and your sister visited. You may not realize it but you have very cordial fashion sense.😊Great video! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Really good vlog! I subscribed. What hotel did you stay at and do you recommend? I'm going there in two weeks. I'm so excited.

  4. I would record my trips like this but my phone has barely any storage left and I don't want to clean everything

  5. You all had a great time! I used to go to Denver every year for work around this time and I loved it! The trees and lights were nice

  6. This is one place that I would love to live one day. It's so pretty and always sunny! The views are to die for! 🤩We went through CO last year in October while driving across country!

  7. Denver is definitely on my list of places to visit. I love your outfit you wore to dinner on the first night. The beret and the coat paired so well together.

  8. Omg that looks amazing like something you would see in a movie , Definitely on my list of travel sites ! Great video ♥️

  9. That is great tip to make sure to have the right tools to hike there that time of year. That could really make or break the hike. But your Denver trip looks like it was a great weekend getaway with your sister.

  10. Wow Denver looks like an awesome time!!! I have ent been to the airport in a long time. Colorado is somewhere I want to visit one day. The trees definitely look beautiful and everything looks really nice.

  11. I’ve never been on a flight but I can’t wait to travel once Covid goes away! It’s going to be so much fun!

  12. I miss the Colorado season’s lol. We use to live there and that’s the ONE thing I miss. It California it’s either hot, really hot, or raining here LOL. All the greenery is really pretty. Those tacos 🤤

  13. You sisters had a 3 days great time together. October was still lockdown here so I can imagine the excitement to finally go out & have fun especially in a park. Great food too. Thanks for sharing

  14. Oh my goodness! That food! I want to go to Denver and I definitely want to try the food. Looks like a relaxing time!

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