4 more Chinese real estate companies topple, even Singapore feels the jolt

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  1. Good!! Xitler and the CCP totalitarian authoritarian dictatorship Suppressionist Expansionist Supremisist Genocidal xenophobic racist organ harvesting CCP virus creating and spreading Nazi regime that hide behind their firewall deserve it.

  2. All of the foreign lenders are SCREWED. They should have known better. They are Communist Chinese companies!! FOOLS AND THEIR MONEY!!

  3. "We're making priority to repaying whatever we can… which isn't much, to domestic investors".
    Response: Bond holders are fearing getting second tier on collecting from a dead beat.
    You think.
    You bought that trash… ghost cities accumulating since 2011 all posted on youtube… becoming a household name… few people who tour China land all take at least a few tours of their ghost cities… which are everywhere in China.
    You bond holders… didn't do the google did ya?

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