5 Things Only Locals Know about Denver Colorado – SECRETS/SECRET SPOTS locals don’t want you to KNOW

5 Things Only Locals Know about Denver Colorado – SECRETS/SECRET SPOTS locals don’t want you to KNOW //

Are you considering moving to Denver Colorado? Or maybe you’re planning on moving to Denver Colorado and would like to see Denver Colorado in the eyes of the locals?

Today, in this video, we will teach you the 5 things only locals know about Denver Colorado!

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  2. Hey gentelmen. Question…we keep hearing about hail in Denver. Can you talk about that. Should we be worried about our cars?

  3. Very nice video! But you should have picked the real speakeasy The Cruise Room.

  4. It's the river walk in San Antonio, great content and I wished I'd come across your channel sooner!

  5. LOL the Riverwalk is in San Antonio! And it's a shame Denver hasn't done more with it's river beyond Confluence Park.

    I didn't grow up here but did make it to Casa Bonita right before Covid…horrible, gut-wrenching food but those sopapillas were ON.POINT!

  6. Lot of gentrification going on in downtown Denver and surrounding areas. I’m born and raised in Denver and it’s a SHAME.

  7. Local tip: I love staying at The Maven in the Dairy Block. Get reservations at Urban Farmer a short walk away–you have to try the Butter Pecan Old Fashioned. Book a food tour with Taste of Denver Food tours. Get a deep history lesson of Union Station and the birth of downtown with a fun ghost tour (Dark Side of Denver is one I've done!). Start your day with Huckleberry Roasters coffee when you stay at The Maven–they usually have a free drip coffee deal when you're a guest at the hotel. P.S. I had the most awkward first date at W&G. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 Only take a tried and tested date there.

  8. What is your guys opinion on green valley ranch? I’m interested in moving to Colorado but have been warned this area is dangerous. However when I look at listings for that area the homes are very nice. I’ve lived in some sketchy areas before and this does not seem dangerous. Maybe a video on on this could be helpful since so many nice homes are listed there for lower prices.

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