Beginners Guide to Indian Real Estate

Having asked everyone what they would want to learn about, one of the more common responses I received was about the basics of Real Estate. So I put all the basics together in one place, to give you a comprehensive beginner’s guide to Indian Real Estate, with the help of some personal finance concepts! We’re going to talk about why one should even invest in Real Estate in the first place, how you can earn from Real estate assets, how to invest in Real Estate, and some potential drawbacks of this kind of asset for beginners.

As always, the blog version of this video with all the sources is live now:

0:00 Intro
0:48 Why should one invest in Real Estate
2:02 How can one earn from Real Estate?
3:32 How to become an investor
4:54 Potential drawbacks for beginners
6:05 Real Estate and your portfolio

Intro music by Karan Tuli:


  1. Sir , your videos are awesome and after watching your first video I became a huge fan of you.

    I have one suggestion, please don't stop making english videos… Because for South Indians it's easier in English than hindi.

    Thank you sir !!

  2. Good job dude, i'd like a video on types of investments that provide a more control over the asset for example real estate provides for a greater control over the asset as compared to stocks or bonds, hope you get what i am trying to say.

  3. This fellow is either a vested interest or doesn't understand the nature of real estate.
    .Stay away from real estate. Never buy an asset when prices are sky high. The moment u buy a property , u lose 9.5% in stamp duty & registrations. The property prices have stagnated since 2012 . The rental yields are even below FD rates & inflation. REIT yields are very less . Stay away . Don't take hefty loans . Buy real estate only 4 consumption.

  4. Hey Yash. I have recently started to learn about real estate market as an investment and this video really helps. However I wanna know how to leverage debt and OPM as a beginner when you have zero money to buy property? Hope you help me to understand this..

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