Biggest bike park in Denver, Colorado | Ruby Hill

I hit the road once again and drove straight to Colorado from California. First stop we went to was a bike park called Ruby Hill. This place has everything. All sorts of jumps and gaps to wooden features. The hardest thing in my opinion was the wall ride. Jumping off took commitment and it was so intimidating But we got it done!!!

Thank you for watching and hope to see you on the trails sometime!

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  1. I dont understand why you would ride a 29er being small. Why not ride a 26 inch bike that you can throw around? I would make so much more sense to me for you to be riding a small slopestyle bike. Im just suggesting! I grew up on BMX, Smaller bikes are more fun!

  2. New subscriber here and want to say thank you for your awesome videos. I’ve binged watched a whole heap of them so far and enjoying each and every one.

    Your progression is amazing and some of those jumps you are hitting are HUGE! Loving your determination and positive outlook.
    Thanks for sharing.

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