BigRigTravels LIVE Thompson Springs, Utah to Denver, Colorado (Nov 4, 2021 8:10 AM )

Welcome to the BigRigTravels YouTube channel!
Trip: Jurupa Valley, CA – South Gate, CA – Beaver Dam, WI ( 2107 Miles)
00:00:00 Thompson Springs, Utah
01:16:15 Grand Junction, Colorado
02:25:55 Parachute, Colorado
03:56:35 Vail, Colorado
Eisenhower Tunnel, Colorado
06:10:05 Denver, Colorado
Rocky Mountains
Interstate 70

Road crew member Lizoid waving his flag at us in Palisade.

BigRigSteve is an American truck driver that shares his daily routine and experiences while living his life out on the open road. Come explore the multilane interstates in the big cities to the two lane blacktop backroads of the small towns of America from the unique perspective from the windshield of his big rig as he uses two different cameras to broadcast LIVE every mile of every trip. His website at has all of the current trip information including dynamic GPS data fed to the website such as a speedometer, altimeter, weather at the the truck’s location, interactive maps, blog and much more. There you can also find information about past trips located in the Trip Journals section.

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  1. A nice long and mountainous drive in one video, with the 30 minute break.

    We start from the Rest Area near Thompson Springs, UT to I-70. Then East on I-70 (Dwight D. Eisenhower Hwy.) into Colorado and thru Grand Junction and the Rocky Mountains (we had to stop at the Love's Truck Stop in Grand Junction, CO for fuel first) and under the Continental Divide via the Edwin C. Johnson Tunnel to the Chain Area near Dillon, CO for a 30 minute break. Then back East on I-70 (Dwight D. Eisenhower Hwy.) into the Denver Metro Area and thru the North Side of Denver and thru Denver PM Rush Hour Traffic (while passing by the North Side of Downtown Denver and a shot of Downtown Denver in the process) to Denver City/Suburban Streets. Then on Denver City/Suburban Streets to the company yard in the Northeast Side of Denver where Steve ends for the day due to the 70 hour clock.

  2. Steve, Yes the old Stapleton control tower still exists as a tribute to the old airport, but new infrastructure has been built around it over the years. I also have flown into Stapleton several times, as well as the newer airport.

  3. This stream ran from 8:10 to 16:08 MDT (nominal time 16:10 to 0:08 Friday CEST, actual observed time 15:10 to 23:08 CET which results in 7:10 to 15:08 MST instead), of which over a hour (69 minutes to be exact) was buffered out courtesy of the Rocky Mountains. It starts in NWS Grand Junction (GJT) county warning area and goes through the Colorado Plateaus, Southern Rockies and High Plains. After the walkabout around the rest area near Crescent Junction, Utah (locator designation "Thompson Springs") Steve gets back to his truck to complete the fun section of the trip.
    8:18 (MDT, results in 16:18 CEST; 15:18 CET, results in 7:18 MST)
    48:32: 9:00 MDT, results in 17:00 CEST; 16:00 CET, results in 8:00 MST.
    52:35: Entering Colorado and Grand Junction MSA.
    1:19:13: Fuel stop. Love's near Grand Junction.
    1:48:33: 10:00 MDT, results in 18:00 CEST; 17:00 CET, results in 9:00 MST.
    2:06:58: Road crew member Lizzoid stands by with an American flag as Steve passes through.
    2:09:32: Start of the "Little Canyons of the Colorado", notorious no signal zone. Thus expect some sections to be gone.
    2:24:38: Leaving Grand Junction MSA, entering Glenwood Springs μSA. Poor signal.
    2:40:26: A buffer monster causes the stream to go over the 11:00 MDT, results in 19:00 CEST; 18:00 CET, results in 10:00 MST top of the hour. Dang it…
    2:53:49: Golden Gate Truck Plaza near Silt. Steve has given moderator powers to British road crew member John 259, and he is still testing things.
    3:28:57: If you think I-70 continues through the wide valley towards Aspen… nope. It sneaks left into the Glenwood Canyon.
    3:32:17: Exit for an unnamed community. For obvious reasons another top of the hour, that of noon (12:00) MDT, results in 20:00 CEST; 19:00 CET, results in 11:00 MST, is lost.
    3:33:57: Leaving Glenwood Springs μSA, entering Edwards μSA.
    4:01:54: 13:00 MDT, results in 21:00 CEST; 20:00 CET, results in noon (12:00) MST. It's harder for us to see Vail Pass Eastbound than Westbound, yet here we are.
    4:13:03: Vail Pass summit, elevation 3,232 meters.
    4:13:55: Leaving Edwards μSA, entering NWS Denver Boulder (BOU) county warning area and Breckenridge μSA.
    4:34:34: Johnson Tunnel (often called "Eisenhower", but that is the Westbound one), highest elevation of the Interstate system at 3401 meters above sea level. It crosses the Continental Divide, and from Breckenridge μSA into Denver/Aurora/Lakewood MSA.
    4:37:48: 30 minute break. Chain area near Silver Plume (Dillon is at the other side of the Continental Divide). While Steve carries a set of tire chains as it is mandatory, he would prefer to stop and wait as he believes chains are for getting out from snow troubles.
    4:46:40: 14:00 MDT, results in 22:00 CEST; 21:00 CET, results in 13:00 MST.
    5:25:15: This time the toll express lane is closed.
    5:25:53: US 40 joins. Save for two sections (Limon CO to Oakley KS, and Washington PA to Hancock MD) it won't veer away from I-70 until the latter ends.
    5:31:19: A poor signal zone dumps us into a jam caused by a construction zone.
    5:46:26: 15:00 MDT, results in 23:00 CEST; 22:00 CET, results in 14:00 MST.
    6:08:54: As Steve is running out of driving time, he doesn't take I-76 yet.
    6:11:54: US 287, the longest branch US Route (although calling it a "branch" is a stretch).
    6:14:00: And we hit another jam. The Central I-70 construction zone is ahead.
    Up to 6:22:40 (detoured due to construction): US 6, the longest US Route ever but (according to some metrics) not currently. It departs at 1:03:05, at 2:42:07, at 3:36:41 (all these instances are unsigned), at 4:24:46 (for the highest US Route section open year-round) and at 5:44:00; and rejoins at 2:09:32, at 3:24:50 (poor signal), at 3:56:02 (buffered out, US 24 West end), at 4:35:42 and at 6:18:11. Steve also uses it to reach the truck stop near Grand Junction.
    6:29:24: Sapp Bros near Commerce City. Steve finds a spot, and ends for the day.
    6:40:10: 16:00 MDT, results in midnight (0:00) CEST. However it's not yet November 5 in my time zone, as the actual observed time is 23:00 CET which results in 15:00 MST instead.

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