Bikepacking The Entire Colorado Trail-Denver to Durango

The Colorado Trail spans 550 miles from Denver to Durango. Along the way, riders (or hikers) travel over stunning mountains while passing through some of the state’s most beautiful terrain. This experience tested me in every way, I mean, there’s 72k feet of elevation gain, it’s HARD! I took on this challenge in July of 2021.
All the details about my bike, the Priority 600x
Here’s my gear setup:
This is how I pack my bikepacking bags:
Here’s the full series of the Colorado Trail

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Camera Gear:
DJI Mavic Mini2
Sony RX100Vii
GoPro Hero 9

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  1. That was awesome! I live in Durango and have often wondered what the trail looked like. Your videography was also spectacular. You are a very cool dude!
    Just for mind/body reference, may I suggest that you say and think ‘stay right’ instead of ‘don’t fall left’. I was holding my breath at a few of those moments! And I let out some hoots when you reached Durango 🧨‼️

  2. This may sound weird; but I have learned to breath through my nose and not my mouth. Breathing through the nose creates nitrous oxide is a vasodilator which opens up the vascular system. It also puts air into the lungs with more pressure. If you go online and check out the concept of taping the mouth at night to overcome snoring, you will figure out some of the breathing techniques that can really help with energy and oxygen transpiration.

  3. Beautiful bike, enclosed gears – that's everything. Saw your Continental Divide trek, good deal, very good! Just saw the start of this one where you gave a shot of Green Mtn leaving Boulder.- a place of great fun rock climbing in my youth. Didn't discover bikes until much later, much much later. Been seeing videos on tons of places got cool bike trails throughout the Rockies and would love to get back there and do some… do many. Enjoying your videos a lot.

  4. Wonderful Ryan! I'm going to be getting a touring bicycle(surly long haul trucker) and save up for an adventure of my own. Thanks again for the inspiring and wonderfully entertaining videos. I'd like to try my hand at the Colorado trail once I hit the road, hopefully, next year.

  5. Absolutely awesome – that's like, top shelf adventure television documentary. I watched it in sections over the past week when time permitted. Stay safe out there, and always stop long enough to smell the sage!!!

  6. I’m a hiker, camper, biker and runner, BUT I’ve never even thought about bike-packing…until now! All I can say is thank you, and WOW!! Godspeed, brother 💪🏻🙏🏻

  7. terrific job! admittedly it took me three or four sessions to get thru the whole video, only because thats my attention span and not a reflection on your efforts. I'll be living vicariously thru you, and I am desperately trying not to start off every damn ride with no flatties, no crashies, no whammies. But I fear they'll be creeping into the beginning of every ride lol. Great job!

  8. Awesome video I hiked the PCT last year at 60 and yes you will never forget this adventure . note it made me less tolerant of people in the real world so many complaints whoa is me kinda thing. I traveled completely solo just to clear my mind of all the negative people in the world. Keep up the good work.

  9. God, I love the Colorado Trail! I've ridden many segments, but haven't done the whole enchilada ('er burrito?). I'm 63 and your video makes me want to make this my next goal. I had both knees replaced last year and my goal for this Spring/Summer was to make a 50 mile round-trip from my house (East Denver) to Chatfield Res. I notched that one off a couple of weeks ago. Thank you for your video and inspiration!

  10. Ryan, Thanks for the Shout out to the WWII guys of the 10th Mountain Division. I will be hiking that area as a means of returning my Dad who was with the 10th in Camp Hale and in Italy. I will spread his ashes off of Machine Gun Ridge just above where you camped. Those men forged the American Ski Industry when they returned. Some were Sierra Club leaders but all where in love of the Mountains. Nice Video I bike but that is a lot of work so maybe some segment for me.

  11. Ryan, I'm just floored by the way that you brings a smile on all folks you meet and how you inspire so many people to enjoy this beautiful planet of ours and live healthier lives. We are all so blessed to have you share these incredible adventures with us 🙏
    Thank you for inspiring me to finally make some major career and life changes to focus on my physical and mental health. Hoping to meet you out there in the trails some time!

  12. I just relived my CT ride through this vid. You did a fantastic job of capturing the beauty but you totally downplayed the difficulty. It's way, way harder than he makes it out to be, guys. Good on ya!

  13. Just watched your Colorado Trail video and loved it. I hiked Molas Pass to Durango with a friend several years ago and it has brought back so many memories. We also hit a hail storm. Loved the drone videos. My husband and I are avid bikers but being in our late 70's we stick to paved Rails to Trails and are loving it. I will be watching your future adventures.We also had some Trail magic from Gudy Gaskill one of the founders of the Colorado Trail.

  14. Hi Ryan, thanks for the complete video, very well done. I have two questions: Section 7-8, Breckenridge/Frisco to Copper Mountain. The trail looks in poor condition, especially with the trees on the trail and all the hike-a-bike. Is it worth biking this section, or is it better to take the bike trail from Frisco to Copper instead? Second question, is it better to take US50 and do Monarch Crest Trail connecting to the CT, rather than the hike-a-bike up Foose's Creek?

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