Canada Real Estate Crashes As Rent Prices Skyrocket

Canada Housing Market Crash 20% As Rent Prices Are Skyrocketing In Toronto Lets Review The Real Estate Market Data To See Where We Sit As Of July 2022 Losing 100k First Time home Buyer In Canada

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  2. Rentals will tank in 3-6 months. A lot of buttholes are going to be quenching when reality hits.

    Banks are getting their legs cut with every rate hike and isn't going to stop. This issue is global and you kids are now finally realizing how shitty globalization is.

    Wait till China's bond paper market goes poof and Canada's big five banks realize how fucked and overleveraged they really are. Tik tok baby, tik tok…..

  3. I am not good at finance, but investing in property is to big investment to be made from so many people. So the expected demand and supply is less predictable. If some big mistales are made in interest rate change, we will end up in a situation with a relatively cheap rents and very expensive property prices.

  4. Don't use average prices to explain anything, that is a bad metric and you only lose credibility (not that anybody should be making decisions based on some random tuber). Benchmark HPI is a much better metric, as nobody cares how many sales of 7 bedroom country mansions there are (which skews the average/median horribly).

    Urban areas with the jobs will recover quickly (rental rates skyrocketing to new highs)….whereas 2m country McMansions will take a decade to recover.

    One of my rental units coming up is sporting a 6% cap with the rocketing rents…..when divvies go up 50% what do you think the price is gonna do.

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