Casa Bonita Restaurant in Denver Colorado

Casa Bonita restaurant in Denver Colorado is a great place to take kids for a fun dinner and a show. Casa Bonita has cliff divers and a trained monkey who wears pants. They also have mariachis, all you can eat Mexican food, and all you can eat sopapillas, so it really is the best place on earth. Casa Bonita restaurant was made even more famous when it was featured on South Park. And now when you go to Cassa Bonita, you can search for hidden South Park characters around the restaurant. Casa Bonita restaurant has been in business for many decades, and it is still a great place to go for dinner and to have fun with your family. Casa Bonita is a legendary Denver Colorado landmark, and I hope it stays open forever. I hope you like this review of the Casa Bonita restaurant in Denver Colorado. You should visit Casa Bonita if you are in Denver. It is great.