1. CDOT (as usual) making it way more complicated than it needs to be. I swear the i25/i70 interchange always has me asking myself if CDOT planners were tripping when they planned it.

  2. This video was posted 4 years ago. I gotta say, not enough progress has been made. I know everyone is working really hard, but it's not enough.

  3. Don’t you think I70 is the dumbest freeway ever? If you are in charge please retire it’s time

  4. I would say make it a double decker or widen it. I could not imagine being stuck in traffic under that “park”

  5. Why would you replace I 270 with I 70 alone and put a boulevard where I 70 is right now? Traffic's gonna get even worse if you do that

  6. Do NOT relocated i70 lol…. Like the view of the city driving on the upper level i70 next to the colosseum but 🐎Central 70🐎 is going to be awesome 🐂🐎🐂🐎🐂🐎🐂🐎🐂 and we need more skyscraper around the 🐁 trap

  7. Str8 trash. Who tf is going to that park? No one. That area could be better used for other things

  8. Couldn't you just keep the old I 70 the way it is and rename it to a spur interstate? Just get rid of the viaduct and make a normal highway

  9. What a load of BULLSHIT, you're gonna have 6 years of construction so you can put a soccer field on top ?? How stupid, someone from Kalifornia definitely came up with this garbage idea….. they only spent time showing other states not even what they are actually doing here, just one brief glimpse at the end…..

  10. Self driving car lane? That is a long time away and why would they need there own lane? Not enough regular lanes to begin with. Also when the time they finish this project they will have to widen it again. Denver needs a bypass to go with this project.

  11. Fuck off. welcome to the Central 20 year project.. goodbye mountain view driving, may as well make it a freaking subway

  12. I'm going to go ahead and say, those of us who were pushed out by eminent domain were the ones dealt the most difficult cards. Almost a year and a half later I'm receiving no help in acquiring the damages the state owes me. In talks currently with Fairfield & Woods PC in order to find out if I'm going to have to file suit against the state to acquire the damages owed. These people are not above the board. It's overly ambitious in my opinion, and they should have simply repaired the highway and forgotten about the ridiculous park.

  13. This is so stupid beyond belief. You're adding TWO TOLL LANES? You're spending billions of dollars to create a flood hazard and were getting 2 toll lanes when this road is already way overcapacity NOW, not to mention the future?? And no public transport alternatives either. Wow…

  14. yea…..is their some way I can make a better proposition …..how do I make that talk happen?

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