Colorado Springs Vs Denver {Moving to Colorado}

Colorado Springs Vs. Denver {Moving to Colorado}

Thinking about moving to Colorado and wondering where the best places to live in Colorado are? Contemplating moving to Denver or moving to Colorado Springs? In today’s video, we go over some of the differences between the two great areas in Colorado.

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I’m Mark, I’m a Realtor® in Colorado Springs, CO and I absolutely love all things Colorado Springs! I’m married to a pretty awesome lady named Jen, and together we have two sons.

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  1. Colorado springs
    A great place to be FROM !
    Please don't come here !
    Too crowded , lots of low paying jobs
    And boredom galore.
    Then there's the nasty weather !

  2. I like the Springs as it’s closer to the mountains, less people than Denver, more Conservative and not as Liberal. It’s not a problem driving up to Denver for sports and concerts. Love Red Rocks. But the Springs is more to my liking.

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