Corelogic’s NEW Housing Market Predictions for 2022

Corelogic’s NEW Housing Market Forecast for 2022! Corelogic released their NEW US housing market predictions over the next 12 months. Will home prices fall in 2022 and will mortgage interest rates shoot up for the US real estate market? Are they predicting a housing crash or for new records to be broken? Will housing inventory eventually increase giving homebuyers more options which will entice more homeowners to list their houses for sale? Or… will homebuyer demand increase and mortgage rates stay close to 4%? Comment below with your housing market forecast for 2022.

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To give you a quick mortgage interest rates update, according to the Mortgage News Daily the average 30yr fixed rate mortgage is around 4% for the current mortgage rates (at the time of filming this video). This is mixed news if you’re a homebuyer right now or if you’re a homeowner looking to refinance.

Comment below: what’s your housing market forecast? Do you think a housing crash will happen or are your housing market predictions that the real estate market and home prices will continue to surge?

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  1. Compilation of Housing Market Forecast videos

    My Bold Housing Market Predictions for 2022

    Get Connected To a GREAT Real Estate Agent in Your Area:


    Treat me to a coffee or a craft brew here:

    More of my videos:
    Why Housing Inventory is LOW

    Homebuyer Alert: Should You Buy NOW or WAIT?

    2008 Housing Market vs Now:

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    PLAYLIST: Videos about Living in Sacramento

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  2. I don’t think anybody cares about a housing forecast. If people want a house they will buy it. I’ve been in the market a few months and I’ve gotten out bid 3 times, as high as 70K over asking price. Some of the houses already have offers just a couple days on market. This is in San Diego county.

  3. Wrote an honest Offer letter. Got accepted below listing price. Finalizing after I get my inspection done here. No one knows what will happen but rates truly are at a historic low. 3 beds and 2 bathrooms.

  4. Not yet, but we have the oldest population in history. As that generation passes away you'll start to see headlines saying " remember that housing shortage? Now it's a glut "

  5. EVERYWHERE is totally and completely FUCKED real bad!

    300-400 SqFt studio apartments in rural areas going for $1,000/month!

    Let me say that slower
    Three hundred and four hundred square foot studio apartments are listed for one thousand fucking dollars per month!

    Meanwhile, some people are paying $7.30/gal for gasoline!

    Thanks for your vote, Democrats! You assholes!

  6. When the government prints nearly 40% of all the dollars in existence in the past 3 years, it’s no surprise housing prices shoot up…. What might cause a potential crash? Well, when the dust settles from all this money printing and poor government financial policy, we will find out. For now, the “party” goes on…

  7. Gas prices at 6 bucks in California I don’t see to many people going out to toss hundreds of thousands down on a house in times like this. I know I’m not

  8. Love your content and deep analysis but when you start using the yellow highlight, I can’t follow you reading, the yellow color prevents from actually reading the txt. Maybe white font with black highlight… Again love the content, just have a hard time with the combination of yellow and the font!

  9. A lot of landlords are selling their properties that they own in St Paul Minnesota because of the 3% rent control. Investors are looking elsewhere. The homes are being sold as a single family building Some owners are removing things like 1 bathroom..a couple of a walk in closet…removing kitchen cabinets & replacing with a few shelves…. taking out lower cabintes-tenant can bring their own cabinets…ripping out finished basements for taxes and there are fewer things for a tenant to ruin..less to repair/replace.

  10. Outside of the U.S. Government artificially spending more money it doesn’t have, then we will have a recession by March 2024. There are many factors to prices going up currently. However the biggest factor is Government artificially stimulating the economy. Inflation was bound to happen. We need austerity, but I trust most Americans will cry and beg daddy government to bail them out. Corporations and everyday Americans simply are not disciplined enough to live within their means. Good thing I buy a third of what I can actually afford for when times get lean. Most Americans would be wise to do the same.
    When budgeting, few people ever plan for the inevitable increases from inflationary factors.
    2008 Redux, coming to a town/city near you.
    Just remember not to blame this solely on COVID-19 shutdowns/spending or the Ukraine/Russia conflict. That’s just the last bits of hay that broke the camel’s back.
    Basic Economics – Thomas Sowell; a must read for anyone who actually wants to truly understand macroeconomics

  11. KEEP A CLOSE EYE ON THE WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM EVERYONE!!! WATCH WHAT THEY ARE TRYING TO DO TO US!!!!!!! YOU will own nothing, and be happy about it??? Watch out for Blackrock to!!!! Don't sale your house to them no matter how much money they offer you!! Don't become blind or close-minded to what's going on!!!!!

  12. KEEP A CLOSE EYE ON THE WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM EVERYONE!!! WATCH WHAT THEY ARE TRYING TO DO TO US!!!!!!! YOU will own nothing, and be happy about it??? Watch out for Blackrock to!!!! Don't sale your house to them no matter how much money they offer you!! Don't become blind or close-minded to what's going on!!!!!

  13. Its hard to believe the meteoric rise in housing prices especially in California where every other person seems to be on food stamps. We have almost 50 million food stamp recipients in the USA yet housing prices are exploding.

  14. Ever since i comment months back same homes are still sitting, atleast the zip codes I've been watching in metro Los Angeles ain't scorching hot and bidding wars as media portrays

  15. I know RE taxes are different in every state – but I think once houses are RE-valued and taxes go up, those whose budgets won’t allow for it, may have to sell. RI is revalued every three years. Increase in property taxes coming right around the corner.

  16. Just bidding wars going on Right now, once the bidding wars cool down the people who have purchased a home are going to be sadly disappointed in the value of their home after they've paid say 700,000 once the bidding wars are over and everything comes to reality that's $700,000 house is only going to be worth about 400,000 all homeowners waiting to buy continue to wait your time will come for a home you can't afford

  17. I have noticed A LOT of new listings in the valley here in LA. End of December and January there was no Inventory but I have noticed a big increase in the last few weeks. Also price drops. I can’t see every single house be 1 mil. Even w the “estimates” I’m noticing price drops much less then that

  18. The market is NOT slowing down anytime soon. I don't think 4% mortgage dents anything. There are a lot of impulse buying activity going on right now. 5% rates may bring some relief but I'm not sure if mortgage rates will go to 5%. Other than increasing unemployment and a recession, nothing is going to stop this market. As per my prediction home prices will rise at least 20% this year if no recession. I wouldn't be surprised if they rise more than that in some places.

  19. I live in Arizona and the average price of a 1100sft starter home is 430k. And the average rent is 1700 a month. It is not sustainable I think alot of people are impulsively buying houses they really can't afford.

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