Cost of Living in Denver Colorado in 2021

Cost of Living in Denver Colorado in 2021! //

Are you considering moving to The Mile High City? Maybe you’re planning on relocating to Denver Colorado and would like to know how expensive it is to live here?

Today, in this video, you will learn the cost of living in Denver Colorado in 2021!

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  2. I made 940/week & I struggled tbh.

    Denver is much more costly than Minneapolis. Opt for 55k & up.

    Renting 1500-2000. Homes are a half mill

  3. Great discussion points. Regarding cellphone expenses though, your suggestion only applies to those who do not have cellphone service and are establishing it there for the first time. If I move there and currently have a good phone services that works anywhere nationwide, then that would not be an issue. I'd say a good population of movers have cellphones with providers, so they may be good with that.

  4. ummm hotties! 🦄 🤍 😎 🤍❤️🌈 Very informative. Thank you for the inspiration Guys. I'm staying here for a month & also creating vlogs. This was beautiful to watch. 🧚🏼‍♀️ 😎 ✌🏻 🌱 🌏Great shots!

  5. I used to live in Durango back in 2003. I want to move back to Colorado but I’ll be renting an apartment for a while. I want to live in a smaller town in or near the mountains. My goal is to buy a tiny cottage with my VA loan. Away from town, but not TOO far.

  6. We rent a one bedroom flat on Potrero Hill in SF…very sheik, very pricey….So you all are still puppies imho….lol

  7. Hey guys, great video. I'm an obese man who is moving out to Denver this summer. This may be a silly question, but will people be judgemental of my weight in Denver since it's such an active community? And for someone seeking to lose weight, do you have any recommendations for good places to start in Denver (gyms, fitness classes, etc.) geared towards weight loss?

  8. My wife is a licensed massage therapist and I am a licensed painter and we have a son and we won't to sell our house and move to Colorado would you guys say this is something that could be really easy for me and my family

  9. I was just curious. What do you think about 20 year olds that’s looking to get a job with an apartment?

  10. I do understand your channel and your business but what is the “locals feels” about some many out of towners, in general? I’m born and raised in Chicago and basically no one leaves and everyone is from the Midwest. I hear that Coloradans hate the influx because of traffic, people not understanding the culture, and just what happens when there is change.. I’m new to channel and been watching a lot of your content, looking to making the leap out there in March… keep up the good work!

  11. Sorry this may be a dumb question. I still live with mama lol but if you put less down on a house, that would increase the monthly payment right? So if putting 20% means you still pay about 2,800 than idk how I could afford this lol.

  12. Thinking about moving to CO, but yeah, had a fear about the ‘getting a new car’ part 😂 I drive a smaller mazda 3-type vehicle, which is great… in a place without snow 🤔

  13. Denver is Wayyyyy overrated. And I have lived here for over ten years all over from boulder to lontree.

  14. I'm currently in CA and pay $1895 for a 700sqft 1bd. After watching a handful of your videos I also went online and looked at apartment prices in CO and they coincides with your information. I hate living in CA. Definately considering Colorado as a state to move to! The Only thing that's holding me back is the snow. I've never lived in snow so I am not sure what to expect. Hopefully I can visit soon

  15. Finally making the move this summer! Hopefully I'll be able to buy a place. Starting at DU law school this fall! CO prices are very similar to Orlando (besides the average home costs). Can't wait; another awesome video. Thanks guys

  16. I’m traveling to Denver this weekend!! So excited to visit and scope out the neighborhoods after bingeing a bunch of your videos!

  17. Holy moly, 20% on a $675,000 home is $135,000 down. Not too shabby!! Better start saving the dough or have a solid source of income.

  18. This is very informative. Colorado is a beautiful state to live in for a single person looking to reinvent themselves, and start completely over .Money management is very important living here but its worth it😍😍😍😍😍

  19. I wish you guys were more specific and talk more about the best places people can go to. Best ethnic restaurants, best dog parks, best bakeries, etc…

  20. Another great video as always. I would have to disagree on the requirements to live comfortably. Maybe six years ago $56k was comfortable in Denver as it was for myself at the time. I believe $75k minimum is enough to live comfortably and maintain a savings. $60k is around the amount I made last year and that’s due to loss of income bc of the pandemic. I’ve been struggling with the high price of rent, car payment, other basic necessities making that amount. Maybe I need to revaluate my living situation and finances. I’m def have not been able to save. This is already turning around 🙂

  21. Love your guys videos.

    Request — I’m planning to move to Denver soon either way, but for the first time in my life, I’m in a financial position / life stage where I’m considering buying a home. I’m not interested in being in a suburb… I want to be in Denver proper and be able to hop in the car and easily see friends at a restaurant / bar / Cheesman park.

    Could you do a video that’s specifically on up-and-coming / cheaper places to BUY in Denver that aren’t family-oriented cookie cutter suburbs?

    You all rock and will hit you guys up when ready for a broker! 🤙

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