Cost of living in Denver Colorado

Cost of living in Denver Colorado

This video covers all the costs associated with living in Denver:
-Home Prices
-Rental Prices
-Marijuana Prices
-Eating outs

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If you are going to be living in the Denver Metro or Foothills of Colorado then this is the channel you need! We absolutely love this town and our #1 goal is to showcase every inch of the Denver-Metro through our videos so you have a complete understanding of the best area that fits your lifestyle!

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  1. Reach out anytime. We work days, nights, and weekends.

    Sean Murphy – Realtor


    📞 (720) 712-5783

    💻. ​​

    EXP Realty CO

    9800 Pyramid Ct # 400

    Englewood, CO 80112

  2. Denver vs Knoxville/Oakrdige TN. Salary in Denver is 80k but Knoxville/Oakridge is 60k. Thoughts on which to pick for a recent graduate, single?

  3. Sell me on why we should move from Nashville to Denver and you will be our new realtor. I used to love it but I don’t know anymore…

  4. LOL I'm a native. In 2009 I was paying $550 a month for a 400 sqft studio, and moved when they raised my rent to $600 because I thought that was too high. Now all you transplants see why we don't like you.

  5. hello i live in chicago and im looking into moving to colorado how would you compare the prices? are they kinda similar ?

  6. Unless you are making buku bucks it is expensive as hell to live here. I been a Native for 63 years and this sucks if your on a budget. Plus so much mental health homeless. So sad.

  7. I’m looking to rent a loft in a high rise with a balcony and preferred parking in the Capitol Hill, North Capitol Hill, CBD or Golden Triangle area. $2K/mo. is the max budget for rent alone.

    Def don’t wanna live by (college) kids (I’m much older than I look). I haven’t had much luck with my research.

    Although I’m looking to visit the area in April/May, I’m wondering, are there any sites where I can complete thorough research? Thanks a lot again 😊💜

    BTW, there’s an echo on this vid beginning 12:25

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