Dallas Real Estate heading for a TEXAS-size CRASH in 2022?

30% Real Estate Crash coming to Dallas, Texas in 2022? The Dallas Real Estate Market looks like a MASSIVE BUBBLE in 2022. Is the Housing Crash about to hit?

Being a homebuyer or real estate investor in Dallas is very difficult in 2022. There’s no inventory across the local Housing Market. Homes For Sale are down 60-80% across the Dallas Metro, including in cities like Frisco, Plano, Denton, and Fort Worth. Meanwhile, home values are up by 30-40% over the last two years according to Zillow.

This rapid run-up in home values means Dallas could be in a big Housing Bubble. The typical mortgage payment and property taxes paid by homeowners has surged to record highs over the last year. Meanwhile, wages are not keeping up.

But a Housing Crash likely won’t impact all areas around the Dallas-Fort Worth metro the same way. High poverty locations, like south of Downtown Dallas, or south of Fort Worth, could be at greater risk of home value declines. Meanwhile, cities with lots of home building, such as Frisco, McKinney, and Celina, could also face price declines from building too many new homes.

I actually moved to Dallas three months ago and am enjoying my time in the city so far. However, I am not going to be buying a home in the 2022 Housing Market. With inventory at all-time lows, affordability at all-time worsts, and sky-high prices, I don’t see the appeal of buying. I will be waitinh for the Dallas Housing Crash.

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0:00 Dallas, TX Housing Crash in 2022?
1:11 There’s No Inventory: Frisco, Plano, Denton
2:45 Top 20 Housing Market: Home Values Doubled since 2014
3:58 Mortgage Payments and Property Taxes SURGE
5:23 Dallas Housing Bubble to Housing CRASH
6:09 Poverty Rate by ZIP Code across Dallas-Fort Worth
8:03 80k Permits! SUPPLY RISK in the Suburbs
9:39 Careful in Collin & Denton Counties (Supply Risk)
11:12 Prepare for HOUSING CRASH. 20% Downturn?
12:55 I Live in DALLAS! (But NO WAY Would I Buy Right Now)
13:58 Which City Should I Cover NEXT?

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