Dallas Real Estate heading for a TEXAS-size CRASH in 2022?

30% Real Estate Crash coming to Dallas, Texas in 2022? The Dallas Real Estate Market looks like a MASSIVE BUBBLE in 2022. Is the Housing Crash about to hit?

Being a homebuyer or real estate investor in Dallas is very difficult in 2022. There’s no inventory across the local Housing Market. Homes For Sale are down 60-80% across the Dallas Metro, including in cities like Frisco, Plano, Denton, and Fort Worth. Meanwhile, home values are up by 30-40% over the last two years according to Zillow.

This rapid run-up in home values means Dallas could be in a big Housing Bubble. The typical mortgage payment and property taxes paid by homeowners has surged to record highs over the last year. Meanwhile, wages are not keeping up.

But a Housing Crash likely won’t impact all areas around the Dallas-Fort Worth metro the same way. High poverty locations, like south of Downtown Dallas, or south of Fort Worth, could be at greater risk of home value declines. Meanwhile, cities with lots of home building, such as Frisco, McKinney, and Celina, could also face price declines from building too many new homes.

I actually moved to Dallas three months ago and am enjoying my time in the city so far. However, I am not going to be buying a home in the 2022 Housing Market. With inventory at all-time lows, affordability at all-time worsts, and sky-high prices, I don’t see the appeal of buying. I will be waitinh for the Dallas Housing Crash.

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0:00 Dallas, TX Housing Crash in 2022?
1:11 There’s No Inventory: Frisco, Plano, Denton
2:45 Top 20 Housing Market: Home Values Doubled since 2014
3:58 Mortgage Payments and Property Taxes SURGE
5:23 Dallas Housing Bubble to Housing CRASH
6:09 Poverty Rate by ZIP Code across Dallas-Fort Worth
8:03 80k Permits! SUPPLY RISK in the Suburbs
9:39 Careful in Collin & Denton Counties (Supply Risk)
11:12 Prepare for HOUSING CRASH. 20% Downturn?
12:55 I Live in DALLAS! (But NO WAY Would I Buy Right Now)
13:58 Which City Should I Cover NEXT?

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  1. Did anybody do Real Estate Express in Texas? Does anyone thing going over the summaries of each chapter and the mock exams will be enough to pass the test? atleast the national portion?

  2. Yeah, the upward trend stops at some point and I think that point is near!
    When local incomes can't afford you a house, them it's not far in the distance.

  3. Welcome to DFW. I'm with you on choosing not to purchase a home with prices at all times highs. I'm content renting right now. Overall I think you're spot on with your analysis. Some don't seem able to accept that 20+% appreciation gains each year are not sustainable and the market can only be pumped so hard before it pulls back. Definitely will be interesting the next few years.

  4. Had to unfollow you bruh! Too much negative thinking and preaching crash crash crash every damn video is negative and fear mongering. Adios. I loved the data but not the presentation

  5. It is brutal right now for the 1st time wannabe home buyer…sheer brutality…low inventory…ridiculous prices and high rents…no escape. Sorry.

  6. Awesome assessment, love your data driven videos and that you don’t dawdle! I just wish you had included a smidge further up! I’m from Dallas but have been in Denton for 20 years and we always get left out of everything lol- you almost showed it, I saw Argyle! 🙃

  7. @Reventure , you did not discuss the affects of inflation on the market dynamics. I agree with your analysis here but you don’t factor in record levels of inflation. Will inflation continue to rise even when inventory levels stabilize and interest rates go u

  8. Foreclosure and evictions have started to inch up…. After been artificially stopped for last 2 years.

    2022 might be the Best year to SELL…SELL..SELL that overpriced house at the Peak.

  9. Great video! Your video is my sentiments of the future market as well. The market has to correct itself… Dallas/Fort Worth market will always do well, but there will be price correction back to a more normal growth market and not all this $100k over asking with full waivers of appraisal. This market is definitely the wild Wild West and hopefully agents are advising their clients correctly instead of just selling a house. If you’re buying grossly over the appraised value of a home, you better make sure you stay in it long enough to get to that appreciated value or being upside down will be a reality if you have to sell. People (not all, statically) move on average within 5-7 years.

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