Dave Ramsey – Will Real Estate Prices Drop? – Housing Market Summer 2022

Wondering if the current real estate prices will go down anytime soon? Financial expert Dave Ramsey and Churchill Mortgage COO Matt Clarke sit down to discuss what you need to know about the current real estate market and buying or selling a home.

The State of the Housing Market – Summer 2022 | Dave Ramsey and Matt Clarke

0:00 Churchill Mortgage and Dave Ramsey relationship
0:19 2022 real estate market
1:00 Should I buy or sell my home in this market?
3:28 Will house prices go down?
6:00 How to prepare to buy a home
7:10 Do your research
8:06 Contact Churchill Mortgage

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  1. Ramsey is wrong…I sold in 2009 and my realtor said it is going up..Well, it didn't, it lowered till 2012.

  2. Lol bullshit !!!! Homes are sitting unless they are cheap. Also some of use have more than one home and make money and wait to take advantage again. Dahhhhh so smart psssst

  3. Housing prices are dropping like crazy here in Austin. We went from 1800 homes on the market to almost 9000 homes. 2500 of those are new homes. Buckle up boys.

  4. Dave is not a real estate guru. He’s a “budget man”. He is clueless when it comes to the real estate market.

  5. Dave has sage advice when it comes to disciplining your life. But as far as real estate investing, he has a dog in the fight. In greatly overvalued areas, real estate prices are going to tumble. I hope Dave has the integrity to say so.

  6. Totally disagree……bidding wars were a few months ago..supply will come up.fear brought it up and will bring it down

  7. Mrs Kimberly is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

  8. This is nothing more than a commercial for his company and investments. Sad, He's selling out the people that help make him rich.

  9. Powell seems to think otherwise Mr Ramsey “Young folks need a RESET” who’s word would you trust 🤔

  10. Every housing market is not the same. Maybe it isn’t coming down in some cities but it is in the Houston area and that says a lot for a large Texas city

  11. Houston is a high migration area and my cousin’s house is beautiful and only five years old and it has been listed for sale on the market for 14 days and she has had to drop the price by $30,000 dollars

  12. How come Mr. Ramsey is saying price is not coming down?. It is already coming down. Just look Redfin price listing. Most listing showing dropping price and longer days in the market.

  13. Lies I have a lot of friends in real estate there's no bidding wars in South Florida and the homes who are in the market for more than 1 or 2 months prices are getting cut

  14. I sadly want to stop watching this man, but he has helped me so much in the past, with budgeting and staying debt free.

  15. recovered quickly? funny, market didn't bottom until 2012. most markets didn't recover until 2019.

  16. These guys are giving great advice, for the businesses that they own. Of course they want you to buy and or sell a home, that’s how they make money. Get it they make money. Lol only a fool would listen to this BS.

  17. He’s a honest realtor 😂 he told you straight up “ I’m super rich n I will still raised your rent bc I don’t have to but my neighbor are so I will too “

  18. Used to be a fan, but Dave is so clearly out of touch with the macroeconomic forces at play and the geopolitical influences over our economy, I wouldn’t take his advice in terms of financing a home or funding a retirement plan until he proves he has a pulse of what’s actually going on domestically and globally. Clearly doesn’t understand the condition our economy and currency is in either thanks to quantitative easing and 20 years or more of reckless government spending that are about to have the bill come due

  19. If I had a house with high equity earnings, I'm sure wouldn't just sell it. The easiest way would be find a great lot and use a builder with ready plans so I could earn instant equity. Use a all in one loan construction to permanent loan. BUt, I'd do my own plans and be an owner builder. If at the end of construction and it's time to move in and market is bad, I'd just rent it out rather than sell it until the market got hot again.

  20. The housing market is reactionary because transactions take at least 30 days. No seller looks at mortgage rates and says I need to lower my price, they price it high and wait till someone bites

  21. My neighbor last week got 9 offers in 2 days asked 700 got 750 no appraisal or concessions or anything. 4 bed 3 bath 2400 finished 1200 unfinished basement in West Jordan Utah, I’ll believe what my eyes tell me. No crash happening in blood red Utah that’s for sure.

  22. Price drops all over the bay area, so at least no more huge increases, unless he knows where interest rates are going then he doesn't know anything. 12% interest rates, lets go!


  24. Dave: “Only once in 100 years have housing prices dropped. It was 2006.”
    Me: “So, once in 16 years?”

  25. Everyone let’s rent for 6 months until prices drop or move in with parents People need to stop buying and control the urge to buy in order for these prices to drop, people are making things worse by over bidding which in turn causes more damage to inflation

  26. This is such a lie. Been checking & keeping an eye and I've seen so many price cuts on homes and they are sitting for days now.

  27. Excuse me? Bidding wars? I think that was a few months ago. Now is coming who can decrease faster and get out of the market before collapse. June the entire ballgame changed and that was before the interest rate hike already.

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