Day In The Life of A 19 Year Old Real Estate Agent | Young Real Estate Agent | Busy Day In The Life

This is what a typical day in the life of a young real estate agent looks like hour by hour. It was a super busy day in real estate filled with prospecting, cold calls, video editing, roleplay and much more! It’s not easy being a young real estate agent!

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This is what a typical day in the life of a real estate agent looks like. As a new real estate agent it can be really busy with all the things you need to get set up. I walk you through hour by hour my day in the life of a young real estate agent.

Joshua Erabu is a licensed REALTOR with eXp Realty

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  1. I’m 17 just started college , I’m debating wether or not to start online courses to get my license or get it through college? I want to start the process of real estate already and I feel as if college is gonna take too long/ wasting time

  2. Hu Joshua Nice video 💪🏿🔥 I am really looking for in getting into real state and people like you really inspire me to go forward in life. I live in Australia Melbourne and I am originally from Cuba. I am looking for getting advice about real state and how to start. Thanks

  3. I’m in a 4 year college and still dont know what to go for. Been thinking just to drop out lol or something. And go for real estate. Is it needed to go to college for real estate? Like for atleast 2 years? Or not and go for real estate classes?

  4. Thanks Joshua!! i was wondering if you’re part of a discord server or if you have a community for young real estate agents, i’m currently 19 too and currently working to get my license, it would be great if someone started a discord to help each other out!

  5. I turned 19 a month ago and I really want to get into real estate right now I’m stuck at a job that I don’t like that only benefits me through the paycheck… I want to get into real estate as an agent so I can get the knowledge to invest on my own and have properties…

  6. Awesome video man! Quick question.. Why do you use Zillow to find the listings in your office and not MLS? Not that it would be much easier but it might save a little bit of time.

  7. I am currently 17 and about to start college and I am also working on getting my real estate license in hopes of becoming an agent. Do you have any advice for balancing between the two or is it a bad idea to do both? I will only be having about one class a day on weekdays for school

  8. Hey Joshua I was wondering what is in your FSBO backup plan? was just about to start cold calling following your script but I don't really know what I would tell them my plan is …

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