DAY IN THE LIFE OF A REAL ESTATE AGENT: business planning & team training

Thank you so much for watching and for your continued support! 💖 I truly appreciate your patience as I continue to adjust to my new team and work routine.

In this vlog, I take you behind the scenes of our team’s 2-day mastermind back in June 2021.

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  1. You whispering makes me think back to when we were studying for the state test. Your stack of note cards and the way you studied keep me focused. I close on my first listing tomorrow for $599,000 here in Jacksonville Florida. Thank you more than you know.💎

  2. i still don't really have a clear understanding of what the difference is between joining the align company that is associated with a few brokerages in a few states and joining a real estate team that is a part of a brokerage. i would love to see a video with more detail on align if you'd be interested in doing one

  3. tiffany has so much energy for her age. i gotta kno if that woman has kids bc if so idk how she keeps her energy up and stays so peppy. her voice reminds me of a valley girl and a cheerleader who could be ready to go cheer at a football game at any moment. and you have a soft voice and seem very laid back and probably not always on-the-go like her so it's a funny combo

  4. She Seems like she has a lot of potential to grow I see her being very successful in her future the only critique I would have is that she should work on polishing her look❣️

  5. Hey good morning! From Maine here! I passed real estate school back in March and still have not taken the exam! I’m so nervous 😬 when you said don’t waste any time and this was the 1st step I am on my way to study hard now. You mentioned interviewing brokerages, but how? What do you ask/say? Thank you. I love watching your videos and seeing you grow. It inspires me so much

  6. Hi🥰 I just graduated from college and I want to get into real estate. I have a 9-5 job right now but i feel like real estate is the thing for me. I’m 22….but believe I have a lot of potential. I am nervous though, as I don’t know ANYTHING. Seeing your experience has inspired me more. 🥰❤️

  7. I love your videos!! You should make an in-depth video about the different types of brokerages; so new real estate agents have a better stance in what they want, when they’re interviewing different brokerages.

  8. I love your content but I was wondering how much time do you spend with family I’m planning on doing real estate but quality time with family is more of a worry for me

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