Denver Children’s Museum | Things To Do In Denver, CO

Hey friends! Welcome back to our channel! Today I’m sharing our trip to the Denver Children’s Museum!! We are on vacation visiting my brother out in Colorado!

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  1. Hi Katie! Hope you all are having a lovely trip! Oh Colorado isnamazing! The museum looks so nice you all had so much fun! Love how it's so interactive for the kids! 🙌

  2. We LOVE Children’s museums!! They are seriously so much fun! So interactive! I love the play Kitchen and the fire trucks 🚒 the kids could go in! The bubble thing is awesome! Such a fun day!

  3. Wow! What a fun time for the kids! The giant light bright might have been my fave. But if I was a kid I think the fire truck or the scarves might have been the best. Well. Except the water area/adventure park, of course 🤣

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