Denver, Colorado | 4K Drone Video


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0:00 Cloudy Morning In Downtown
1:40 Colorado State House
2:36 Pepsi Center – Denver Nuggets Home
3:10 Empower Field – Denver Broncos Home
3:48 Afternoon Hours Over Denver
5:30 Denver After Sunset


  1. Went do Denver like 8 months ago. Was pretty nice, heroine was easy to come by. Along with meth. Pretty much everywhere had a place to sleep for free and it wasn’t that bad, their sidewalks are pretty comfortable.

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  3. Since it has become my favorite city, now it turns to be mostly peaceful and the services and schools were just find. I dont know another reason why everyone is moving there at the same time. Because Phoenix Arizona is growing almost at same speed.

  4. Denver is so whack .. .. nobody agrees with me though, so don't go bashing on me. I just find it boring and plain. Rn it's 10:52 on a Monday and I'm trying to find a place to eat that's not your typical fast food joints. And I'm limited to very few options. That's the whole metro area too. I'm from denver by the way.

  5. Denver is mini California, with homeless out of control as is the crime. Homes are so expenisve that the people who grew up here can't even get a home, disgusting.

  6. Were you using a fairly large black drone to shoot these? Believe it saw it flying near the Cherry Creek bike path a few days ago and was wondering.. great footage of my awesome home!

  7. Yep the spring snow is normal. I've seen 7t snow after Memorial Day and saw all 4 seasons in 24 hours happen. Fortunate to have spent a lifetime there. Nice Pics.

  8. The new intro was startling. Even more was how I immediately noticed the lack of sound effect on your speed ramps and your transitions. Kind of wild how you just get so used to those being there…

  9. I really enjoy the Denver views. Love the lower flying; water rafting and seeing the sights at lower altitude. Of course the day to night.. love! :))

  10. Thanx for featuring one of my favorite cities in the world. Denver is young, hip with beautiful weather and the women are gorgeous! Can’t wait to go back and pay it a visit 😉

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