Denver Colorado: Cool Things To Do // Destinations Explained

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00:00 Intro
00:48 About Denver
02:25 16th Street Mall
03:08 Trading Post Trail
03:53 Lost Gulch Overlook
04:41 Loveland Ski Area
05:37 Mt. Evans
06:16 Rocky Mountain National Park
07:04 Flatirons
07:50 St. Mary’s Glacier
08:52 Mount Falcon Park
10:00 Mt Bierstadt
10:44 GB Fish and Chips
11:19 Denver Biscuit Company + Fat Sully’s Pizza + Atomic Cowboy
11:55 Ace Eat Serve
12:31 Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs
13:03 Linger
13:56 Lucile’s Creole Cafe
14:50 Blue Sparrow Coffee
15:15 Little Man Ice Cream
15:59 Stem Ciders
16:19 Mile High Spirits
16:42 The 1UP Arcade Bar
17:04 Falling Rock Tap House
17:28 Outro

16th Street Mall –
Trading Post Trail –

Lost Gulch Overlook –
Loveland Ski Area –
Mt. Evans –

Rocky Mountain National Park –

Flatirons –

St. Mary’s Glacier –

Mount Falcon Park –

Mt Bierstadt –

GB Fish and Chips –
Denver Biscuit Company –
Fat Sully’s Pizza –
Atomic Cowboy –
Ace Eat Serve –
Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs –
Linger –
Lucile’s Creole Cafe –
Blue Sparrow Coffee –
Little Man Ice Cream –
Stem Ciders –
Mile High Spirits –
The 1UP Arcade Bar –
Falling Rock Tap House –

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  1. I really love this series of VDO. Well-organized, great pictures, and comprehensive for everything for traveling that destination. I'd love to see more VDO like this in the future. Great works!

  2. this was a good video. although being a native. there is alot more you missed that denver and surrounding areas have to offer. and some local land marks you missed.

  3. Places to add to the food list (as a local who's spent time looking at other local places)

    Sera's Ramen Cafe
    Breadwinner's Cafe
    Bronze Empire
    Cozy Cottage
    Pho Lang Co
    Trap Tea

    These places are some of the best at what they do.

  4. 740k in Denver? Maybe the actual city limits. Populations are nearly always quoted for cities in terms of the greater metropolitan area, which is like 2.8 million for Denver.

  5. Feedback:
    For me, I have a weeks vacation booked next week in Denver and am looking for things to do. I'm also extremely excited. So its hard to overdo it or go too long. You were informative, thorough, and amusing. Little to none of the information was unnecessary or rambling. You did great.

  6. Great video buddy, looks ok there n weed legal so theres that. But Ppl know theres more than just craft beer in the world, when you have a life. Sport bike or no life. If u think sat night is bar time, u have no life.

  7. I loved your video! But the only thing I would change is the audio. There seems to be a bit of an echo affect throughout the video and I’m just very picky about the audio 😅. The audio you had for the ad at the very end was perfect. Best wishes 🤙🏽

  8. Denver is starting to really suck !!!
    Infrastructure REALLY Sucks !!!
    If you love horrible traffic and road rage this is the place for you. Denver metro roadways weren't designed for such an influx of incoming people trying to settle here creates extreme frustration. This guy makes it seem everything is so hunky dory but be it far from the truth.
    Good Luck getting to any of these destinations without reservations 🤨👎👎👎

  9. So cool things to do in Denver according to you is either go hiking or go some place to eat… wow… now I know that all that people in Denver do is they either eat or hike… your video sucks bro… 🤣🤣🤣

  10. Your videos are really well made. Great visual clips. I especially like your use of google earth copernicus to show visual context for the locations you shoutout. Some of your mid-sentence edits, when you're saying something like, "If you're a beer lover… [edit]… keep watching" are slightly jarring, but not so much that I'm really bothered. Much love to you.

  11. In need to ask a serious question is cheap to live in Denver or at least good living there? I’m from El Paso wanting to leave. I had two Decisions Austin tx or Colorado Springs or Denver thank you

  12. LOL- everything good about Denver is outside of Denver. Unless you're into BLM riots and cleaning up wastelands from homeless encampments and overpriced housing and traffic. 5th gen native and after 65 years here Colorado's best days were decades ago when folks fleeing here from California were calling Denver "Cow Town USA" and us "Goat Ropers". We still wear it as a badge of honor while we watch our State turn into California and Washington, exactly what people fled here to get away from.
    Huge complement for your video quality however.

  13. People stop moving here. You have ruined Colorado. Lived here my whole life. It’s not the same. Over population has messed up traffic. And camping sights. And events here. It’s going to turn into another California.

  14. There is great photography in this video. However, the host is dull when narrating and shows no emotion when the camera is on him. A smile goes a long way to up the enjoyment value and would make the whole video better.

  15. I have 2 days in Vail. Intermediate hiker. What trails should I go for given that I probably only hit 2 trails? Thinking of staying extra days to hit Denver or hike somewhere near RMNP.

  16. Seriously? What about original chubby, Simms steakhouse, Szechuan restaurant, tons of great Mexican and Asian on Federal! Coors field, I could go on all day.. but I guess u people want hip trendy places.. please that's not denver!

  17. traveling to CO this summer – this was REALLY helpful as I'm specifically looking for craft ciders to try and you went over some cool shit for my partner and I to try out.
    very detailed stuff, keep it up

  18. I LOVED all the content and suggestions. This was exactly the type of details and suggestions I look for. I would’ve loved to see some 420 recommendations – solely because Denver is a popular Marijuana destination. Anything on dispensaries Or 420 friendly establishments would’ve been awesome to see. Otherwise, this was a GREAT video to watch in preparation for a Denver trip.

  19. Just spend half day in Denver for the first time, thanks to Frontier airlines transit lol Visited Colorado State Capitol (mostly vandalised with lots of homeless people), 16th Street mall (blocked for renovation), Coors Field (a game is on), Union station and Larimer Square (nice surroundings). Overall, small city with lots of undeveloped greens, some areas are quite nice with nice people.

  20. You should skip GB (meh) and if you're at their Broadway location, go across the street to Adelita's Mexican Food. Also, the hands down coolest place in Denver is Ophelia's Electric Soapbox. Don't miss Breckenridge Brewery while you're in Denver. Their food is amazing.

  21. I watched this full video and never lost interest. Super well done & entertaining. I’m a new subscriber! Headed to Denver next month for a wedding and wanted to get to know the area a bit first. Great video. 👍🏼

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