Denver, Colorado Food Tour | Are Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives Restaurants Really That Good?

We are in Denver, Colorado, and Denver is known for it’s amazing and diverse food scene. Denver has over 30 locations that The Food Network show Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives have visited. We wanted to not only taste the local food in the city but answer the question of “are these restaurants really that good?”


0:00 Intro
1:02 Maria Empanada
2:57 Welton Street Cafe
6:32 The Bagel Deli
8:28 Just Be Kitchen
11:32 Outro





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  1. The bagel deli is so good I'll defend that place with my life. Please get some Jewish cuisine next time or a bagel!!!!

  2. We have crappy food here in Denver. I'm a native. I want to drive out with my gf To L.A for a week then maybe to Dallas or Chicago. But I'm thinking Houston had better options..

  3. We're definitely going to try the empanada place when we're in Denver. Love watching Triple D. 👍

  4. Hey Kisten and Sam, great new video. Can't wait to see your next adventure 🙂 Have a nice week end 🙌 !

  5. I actually visited a German restaurant in Tacoma Washington because we saw it on DDD. They had a picture of Guy Fieris on the wall when you walked in. Thought the food was your traditional Americanized German stuff. Wasn’t anything special at all. Interesting that you guys are travel nurses. My wife is a nurse as well. She had considered the travel nursing gig before she met me but one of her co workers had done it and didn’t like it. Scared her off I guess !? Maybe that person just had a bad experience? Haha.

  6. It's so tough, sometimes travelling you get really excited by someones review of something only to feel let down when you get there/or try it. Looking forward to watching the new road trip series 😁

  7. Best video you guys have ever made in my humble opinion. Taking your channel to the next level ! I have actually watched you guys since day 1 . Haha. Was like your 2nd subscriber ever. Oh it be true

  8. Amazing Vide my friends what a great idea thanks for sharing . and I guess your not As famous as the man that did the 1st review so they didnt take special care of you haha

  9. Well that made me hungry! I'm going to have to make some chicken and dumplings now. Have fun on your upcoming road trip!

  10. We would like to purchase his book and hit some of those restaurants he went to. Enjoyed this video.

  11. Great idea to focus on a few spots that Guy Fieri had been to. Good thinking! Great work guys!!

  12. It’s late at night, I just got a chance to watch this video and it made me hungry, everything looks good. Yummy!!! Thanks for sharing, I wish I could actually share the food too, haha.

  13. It’s late at night, I just got a chance to watch this video and it made me hungry, everything looks good. Yummy!!! Thanks for sharing, I wish I could actually share the food too, lol.

  14. I have never seen chicken and dumplings look like that. But I'm from TN, so I'm used to homemade and they are like white haha.

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