Denver Colorado Housing Market – Urgent Update for 2022!

Denver Colorado Housing Market – Urgent Update for 2022 //
Are you planning on Moving to Denver Colorado? Maybe you’re thinking of making the move to Denver Colorado this year and you first want to know the status of the Denver real estate market and want to get a detailed Denver Real Estate Market Update ? Then this video is for you!

Today, in this video, we’ll discuss the Denver Colorado Housing Market – Urgent Update for 2022

00:00 – Introduction
00:33 – Start of Discussion
01:28 – Current Events on the Market
02:47 – Interest Rates Increasing
04:09 – Hiring Local Lenders
04:52 – Price Decrease
05:33 – Buyers Opportunities
07:11 – Conclusion and Tips
08:31 – Outro and Contact Number

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  1. Get ready for some pain in next 24 months or less. Homes in Denver were overpriced in 2019 and now they are priced anywhere from 200k to 300k above that in Parker CO where I have lived for 20 years. The new neighborhoods also have metro districts with property taxes 4k to 5k more than older subdivisions.

  2. I'll be looking forward to the housing market crash in Denver and plan on moving due to my work even a slight dip will work out for some……………………………….

  3. Man, I’ve been looking to find a position out there and return, but it seems so costly that it’s not realistic. Having grown up in Littleton it’s hard to see and accept that it likely isn’t going to happen.

  4. Hey guys, just wanted to say thanks for making these videos. Super helpful and interesting for someone looking to eventually make the move to Denver. Couple suggestions that I have for your videos…I’ve watched a few and several times throughout each one I have felt like my time isn’t necessarily being taken into consideration. The extended drone shots between takes is cool but in my opinion it lasts about 10 seconds too long. Maybe it’s my east coast showing but I really have an appreciation for a video editor who gets straight to the point and clearly has that objective in mind when editing. But hey I will say that the knowledge that you two have is very appreciated and please keep up the great work. Thanks again guys!

  5. A little birdie whispered in my ear that a buyers market doesn’t start until after 2027 regardless of where the interest rate is going. It’s more about Supply/Demand, in which the supply will continue to be a problem. Some of you won’t pay attention to the little birdie, but many more will.

  6. Noone is going to sell the house they bought in Denver for $500,000.00, for less than 600,000.00. That would be considered a loss, especially if they are selling it to retire in New Mexico or Arizona.

  7. Earned a follower. I work for a large new home builder in Northern Colorado. We've seen head spinning price increases for the last 18-24 months due to labor and material shortages, and supply chain issues related to the pandemic. Homes are taking longer to build and rates have started to climb at a pace not seen since the 90s. If I were a homebuyer looking in the Denver metro area, I'd be monitoring new home communities for inventory (QMI's) that are bound to pop up here in the next few months. Resales are still being bid over list price, so new construction homes are a nice option for some. 🤙

  8. I’m probably not going to be able to purchase property as soon as I relocate, but this is my Real Estate Info Source so I’ll definitely keep my eyes open for you guys when I get there!

  9. These guys are great. But definitely make sure you shop around for the best rate. The market is crazy and the banks are fighting for business. You can get a great deal still. Keep up the videos guys. They are awesome.

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