Denver Colorado Living Guide 2021 – How Much Does it Really Snow in Denver?

Denver Colorado Living Guide 2021 – How Much Does it Really Snow in Denver? //

Are you considering moving to Denver Colorado? Maybe you’re planning on relocating to Denver Colorado but would like to know more about the place?

Today, in this video, we will teach you how much it really snow here in Denver Colorado!

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  2. Quick question does it snow in
    February?? We are going in February and I really want to see snow 🥶 ❄️ ❤️

  3. Do you guys ever get car problems from the weather being so cold? I've heard some folks say their engines crack from the temperature change.

  4. Please lose the background music; it distracts from your message. Otherwise, great information.

  5. Looking for best school district for my kids ? With nice Mountain Scenery? That isn't liberal more conservative- What would be the best area to look into?

  6. I’m from CA and I was worried if it snows, I would be snowed in and not be able to grocery shop, gym and hobbies. I guess not? Does it snow more in certain areas of Denver metro? Does that even matter?

  7. It snows everyday all day unless you like the snow then it is super dry and uninhabitable. Final say: avoid Colorado like the plague. Move somewhere else please. Like Chicago. I hear Chicago is really nice.

  8. It was so beautiful in the snow when we visited in December, but I'm excited to see the difference when we come out and visit again this June!

  9. Colorado has 4 FABULOUS SEASONS!!! Just as you might be getting a little warm, it starts to cool down…and when you think it's getting a little chilly…boom, it's warming up…ENJOY!! Thank you gentlemen for a great informative video.✌💙

  10. The only thing I hate about Denver is, it snows all through the spring and my Tulips always get destroyed 🙃

  11. been awhile since i commented but yea guys it snows a lot in Denver, but there road crews are top notch and snow never stays more then a few days.

  12. You both are such a fun team. I love watching you two. It’s obvious how great of friends you are. And I love this video. I miss the snow! I’ll be there in a week and can’t wait!

  13. Moved to denver from vegas last week after a snow storm, but it was melted when i got there. Friends from vegas acted like i was moving to alaska. Wasnt bad at all, but im from michigan. Midwest winter storms are brutal. I got a chance to jog around Washington park and cherry creek trail. Looking forward to seeing the cities from the channel.

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