Denver Travel Vlog | 24 Hours in Denver Colorado

Denver Travel Vlog | 24 Hours in Denver Colorado

I hope y’all enjoy this (mini) vlog. I know it’s super short and not that eventful but the trip was shorter than it was supposed to be 🙁 nonetheless I hope y’all enjoy it!

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  1. Those lips!!! 👄 🌈. Outfits on FLEEK! I love it here so much that im staying for a month now. I need to go check out that candy shop STAT! Thank you for the inspiration Pretty Lady! ✌🏻❤️

  2. Awesome video guys, I would get lost for a few days inside that store{its sugar} but I would probably loose all my Once again great video and you have a new subscriber here. We just hit Mexico from Thailand maybe if America opens up we will end up in Denver…

  3. Awesome vlog you've created! Please don't stop uploading content like this 😉 Really got my attention! I'm working on Cinematic and nature video concept and it is very inspiring 🙂 And i Really love your way of making videos! Keep inspiring..

  4. This is too funny! You have to totally film with Bad Friends. Their stuff low-key are like Nelk Boys mixed with a lil bit of PewDiePie. They are an upcoming friend group in Orange County.

    You should definitely check out their YouTube out and give the team a like! 👉 #COVIDFreeBadFriends

  5. I enjoyed this so much. The scene at 1:02 is hilarious. You have to most definitely connect with Bad Friends. Their pranks hella are like Vitaly mixed with Faze Clan. They are a chill friend group in SoCal!

    You should definitely check their YT out and give them a like! 👉 #HowToBadFriends

  6. I like this vlog iit was cute, sweet and to the point. I just moved out here to Denver and will be vlogging my adventures soon. When you come back out here yolla at me! Subscribe to my channel and I will do the same for yours. Peace.

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