Dispensary Review – Denver, Colorado (BIGGEST DISPENSARY IN THE STATE)

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We wanted to spend some time in Colorado during our cross-country journey, and you already know why. Shout-out to the Superstore for stocking me up and hooking me up with the dope merchandise while we were there!

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  1. man I love the weather in miami but love the laws in colorado. how much would be an ounce of topgrade sativa ?

  2. Looks like a good road trip!!!! Until South Carolina gets out of the cave man era and legalization happens in South Carolina we can only dream about all those different kinds of weed.

  3. bro doesnt every denver neighborhood have block watch? idk i was just born there im really a texan

  4. Damn that happened to me we went to Colorado Springs n to Denver the weed is better and cheaper in denver

  5. Man text time you guy come I can tell you guy of way better places to go where the weed is🔥🔥 with some of the best grower 👌

  6. “We going back TONIGHT!” Lmao super dope video! We road tripped from Florida to Colorado to camp, hike, & check out HELLA dispensaries😍 Cookies was a MUST stop! check out ours & see what you think💨

  7. I live in Illinois, it’s the only good thing about this garbage state, I’m convinced they legalized weed so we’re so stoned no one cares about how bad we’re getting screwed in the Peoples Republic of Illinois.

  8. im moving to colorado not only because weed but because i wanna start a family out there nd i love the weather

  9. I’m thinking about visiting Colorado next month to visit the dispensaries do you think the edibles will be worth the travel?

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  11. Deal with Cracklady on Telegram and thanks me later 100% fast and reliable for Fresh marijuana strain 🍃

  12. Omg I watched 3 videos yesterday ALL CAR RELATED. Wake up today and my recommendation gives me a weed video from him. I’m glad I subscribed

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