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Real estate is one of the greatest career paths in the world (if you have what it takes!). Here’s a quick 5-point test to see if you should become a real estate agent.

Do not become a realtor if you are…
1. Lazy.
2. Impatient. If you think you’ll make a 6-figure income overnight.
3. A DIY-er. (Do-It-Yourself-er) If you’d rather figure it out on your own.
4. A Quitter. If you give up easily and just want to “try” it out.
5. Not driven. If you need somebody else to hold you accountable.

A real estate career is for you if you’re willing to work hard and get training & coaching from someone who already has the success that you want. And if you have a big dream, that will pull you through whatever failure comes your way.

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  1. So ive been doing complete home renovations for several agents for about 3 years now. Just last week i started asking a agent some questions about real estate. Come to find out hes not even licensed nor his other buddy i work for. He told me to get licensed and theyll give me houses sell. They sell a lot too. So i started writting 330 key words in a journal( halfway done now) then repeat onto flashcards just to familiarize myself. Then i plan on purchasing the study packets then the test. Does anybody have any tips? I need some guidance honestly.

  2. As a 16 year old who got a job as a sales associate and at 18 once I quit my job to get into real estate I thought I’d been killing it due to the fact that I was the top sales men in the workplace but for one I am lazy and 2nd I wanna impatient

  3. Very good video you've shared. I finally was able to breathe after the 5th one, and thank goodness I don't have those kind of qualities. It looks like RE truly is for me. Thanks for sharing, this helps me make my final decision.

  4. Hi, myself Deepak fm India …how can I become A real estate Agent / Broker in Canada or US, as an Indian Citizen. …please ley me know the 1st step…I hv a 25 years FMCG sales experience in India. But wish to do Real Estate Agency business in US or Canada.

  5. These types of videos are so very discouraging! They don’t help. I just got my license and while I was watching these videos, I became very discouraged and not sure if I should. My daughter works for new home sales and has made a killing and all five of these “do not do it” lists are basically her; except lazy. She does so well! Don’t listen to these types of videos because they want the likes and subscribers ONLY! You can be very successful without these YouTube videos not believing you can do it unless you buy their books or go to there “programs”. Everyone has their own style of being an agent. This video is ridiculous to suggest nobody should be an agent if you are these things. These videos all have a gain and it’s not educating others!

  6. -I can be lazy SOMETIMES
    -I’m patient, money don’t surprise me
    -I’m not one of those diy’s
    -I only give up when it’s not interesting
    -eh, AYE that’s only when it comes to chores

  7. Great video. Don't forget that you could be lazy, impatient, a quitter, and not driven if you're in the wrong field. Real Estate might be the field that drives you vs working a 9-5 and sitting in meetings all day.

  8. Is it worth it to get your license if you're only really planning on selling houses that you're flipping? Like a husband/wife team? I'm just mulling over options in my brain. Maybe just Fantasyland…I dont know…what do you think?

  9. Pretty sure DIY mentality is actually one of the required personality traits for being a successful real estate agent… This dudes just trying to thin the competition.

  10. I’m a teacher and when I think about it… these things are a given. I can do this. As a teacher, if you’re lazy it only hurts you in the long run. Must be patient (obviously). Collaboration is a given. Being a quitter is not an option in that field and finally having the drive to make more than 1900 a month!? I can do this!

  11. i’m happy i came to the comment section instead of just watching the video. while these are all good points, the video itself feels so discouraging.

    if you want to be a real estate agent and you’re lacking in these key areas that he mentioned, just work on yourself and get there. he mentioned it at the end of the video but i almost didn’t make it all the way through.

  12. This is truth for every career field. I taught this to emergency managers, security, safety, environmental, construction managers when I was teaching and mentoring. Excellent video, thank you. I'm sending it around. Subed.

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