DONT BUY! Housing Market Update

DONT BUY! Housing Market Update
Houston, San Antonio, Austin and Dallas Texas.

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Are we in a housing bubble? Will real-estate crash? Is there a housing crisis? How do credit reports work? What are the new Tax laws? Listen to the data and please share your own stores and opinions. It is more important now more than ever with so many changes and challenges. We plan on bringing more and more videos on real estate and how to educate and empower yourself. Please like and subscribe but most importantly empower yourself with education!

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  1. It is telling when an LO and a realtor is telling you to wait. Don’t often see that. Bravo sir, keep fighting the good fight.

  2. How could it cost less to rent it you pay 6000 a year when it you rent you pay 1000 a month which is low for 12 months. Am I missing something here???? I must be missing something. Even in a low cost of living you pay 2000 for the year or 500 to 800 a month???? TF. So how is it cheaper to rent????

  3. hello

    Dear sir, may i ask if i use a living trust title to buy a house in houston. When I am 65 years old, will the property tax still be deducted? thank you your time

  4. Demand and market is still not slowing down in Wisconsin. Everything is still selling 20-30k over asking and in most cases under contract over the weekend. 😖

  5. Love those advices, gives me hope. we’ve been living in small 2 bedroom home for way too long but it’s just so expensive in California so we’re patiently waiting for housing crash

  6. All theses morons overpaid for house took adjustable mortgages and all are panicking ! I would never over pay 80k on a home

  7. I've been saying all of these things to my crazy friends that are insisting to buy a house right now. You're right on!

  8. If you don’t have a means of multiplying money,you will wake up one day to realise that the money you had has finished,I’m just saying people should develop the habits of investing,it’s helpful, investments is the key 🔑

  9. The price push is to help push up taxes .if one house on the street sells for more the whole street is pushed up in tax value .

  10. Stumbled on your video and appreciate the genuine and authentic tone. So refreshing and uplifting. Subscribed and look forward to seeing more of your videos. Best wishes.

  11. This is exactly what I needed to hear. Been loosing my mind trying to find a house to purchase.

  12. You might not have a hundred million dollars to invest, but that doesn’t mean your money can’t share in the same opportunities available to others. You work hard for your money; make sure your money works hard for you.

  13. The Democrats gave away all this free money.. and so many restrictions they did this . Nothing is free but here in California we have tens of thousands of homeless

  14. I learned a lot so I’m going to wait in North Dakota house up 40-60,000 just in the last two years I want to buy but I’m waiting for these houses to drop

  15. My spouse & I are very eager to learn everything about real estate market and real estate business from now to next 15 years. I’m planning to take real estate exam but not sure where to start the journey. Any advice will be helpful for us.

  16. Thanks so much for your honest opinion! There are plenty of dishonest realtor in youtube still trying to convince buyers to jump in head first!
    They need commissions cuz without sale they would be starving!

  17. There is ALWAYS a way to make money in this market! While the market has not been set to easy mode recently, there are still nft to flip, solid coins to stake, IDOs to ape into, trades to make, yields to farm. Never stop hustling for those gains!

  18. 2022 not looking so good for the housing market. Already considering moving funds to dividends stocks which have shown enormous rise despite previous predictions to the contrary.

  19. Do you think interest rates will go down as well? I mean in like 1 or 2 years because I know this year they will increase for sure.,

  20. I use to say that I would rather pay a higher interest rate than buy an overpriced property, but I’ve reconsidered that of late. I’ve seen properties continuously increase with increased interest rates. I’ve also seen some of those “overpriced” homes (at least the ones I’m interested in) sell for less than the list price. Also, with every 1% increase in rates that’s approximately 10% decrease of my purchasing power for a property. There is inflation. There is also an imminent recession which means that even if one wanted to purchase a home he/she may not be able to do so because of a job loss or because the bank has tightened the criteria for mortgage qualification.

    When houses were dirt cheap in 2008/2009 some people were still afraid to buy and some still couldn’t. Some people who bought when the prices were high couldn’t afford the monthly mortgage payment, but some could.

    If people are truly buying a property with cash, a dip in house prices will not affect them as long as the “cash” is not borrowed. A dip in housing prices and an increase in interest rates will continue to favor people with cash.

    I’ll end by saying, as ridiculous as it may seem I’m still looking for an opportunity to buy now because it makes sense to me. *No one has a crystal ball 🔮. *

  21. Redfin just reduced the estimate on my condo by $3000. First reduction I've seen in a long time

  22. Just saw here in The Netherlands a 50k price cut!! On a reasonable house with even a reasonable price. Was only listed for 4 weeks! 50k price cut from 325k to 275k! In 4 weeks! I am thinking they already bought a new house and now they cant get their old house to sell. Very dangerous, and people who do this are the starters to activate the housing bubble pop?

  23. Great video! I decided to wait recently and so glad I did. You just got a new subscriber

  24. A few things that came to mind when watching this video. The percentage of people who own vs rent clearly shows that a majority people are hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to their banks. With the Fed induced recession, declining stock markets, and inflation all occurring with the backdrop of escalating war with Russia, I think it won't be long before companies look to cut cost to keep their shareholders happy and stay profitable by any means necessary. If you have been around long enough you would know that means major workforce reductions.

    With interest rates sharply rising, and potentially millions without jobs in the coming months, the housing market is primed for a complete meltdown. The major difference between now and 2008 is that it won't be as localized as the last time since, as you pointed out, that many people have migrated all over the country as the work from home folks left the metro areas. That means as companies do begin to reduce their headcount, it will affect the housing market in many areas at the same time, whereas the last time crash we saw areas that were affected at different intervals throughout the downturn. I don't think we'll get to have these canary in the coalmine areas that flash red warning signs. It will be telling to see who actually purchases any of the Feds mortgage backed securities that they plan to unload next month. Seems to me that those would be toxic investments when the housing market is about to be set on fire.

  25. I’m in houston as well. I’m not really worried, the people who are already under contract with new homes not being built are going to be in for a rude awakening when their interest locks in even higher when they are close to completion

  26. I know you focus on Texas, but I'm sending you a story pitch. So I was reading a story about Disney in Florida and stumbled on a bigger story about the Homeowner Insurance Crisis in Florida. Apparently insurers are going bankrucpt and leaving the state. This is costing some homeowner insurance spikes as much as 100%. What happens when home insurance companies leave the state? I think the Florida bubble burst might crash the entire economy. Just a thought.

  27. I just bought my first house in colorado, asking price was 425k but had to go over asking price to be able to compete and ended up getting it for 463k , appraisal came to 482k and was able to lock the interest rate at 4.375, Im not sure if i made the right choice or not 😮‍💨

  28. In Columbus, OH. Wife and I decided to wait and we have our second kid on the way. No regrets.

  29. Glad to hear you comment on the northeast..The market is ridiculous over here. I would call it the California of the east. Its interesting though.. the market is crazy high but some are raising prices others are dropping prices.. Its all over the map. Very volatile.. but not slowing yet. Most are under contract.. even houses that need pricey renovations. We are waiting this one out..

  30. Seeing this after going into contract on a new construction home yesterday in NW Houston (Magnolia)… We decided to pull the trigger because the builder was increasing the floor plan by $15K this weekend. Home won’t be done until EOY – hopefully made the right decision.

  31. So, I should fess up, I use to be an equity specialist. In fact, I was 19 when I was recruited (yep the youngest), and I called the 98 housing correction. Now what happens to a secondary market's equity when primary stalls, and the market experiences a deflationary period in a recession? That's right…no equity accumulated lol. Oh God, I wish I could have exploited all of this, unfortunately that's not going to happen. Good luck though

  32. Why is Florida such a shock when all their houses keep getting destroyed by Tornados, Storms, Floods and Tidal waves?

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