DON'T Invest in Real Estate Without Knowing These 5 Things

If you think you want to invest in real estate, don’t do it without knowing these 5 lessons!

In the last 10 months, I’ve gone from house hacking a duplex, to wholesale real estate, to brrrr investing and renovating distressed properties.

But these lessons that I’m sharing today will help you lower the risk of investing in real estate and help you decide what type of real estate investing you should start.

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  1. About to close on a duplex that I plan on house hacking soon and your videos have been so helpful and easing my nerves a lot! Thank you for the tips! 😊👌🏾

  2. I only understand a portion of what you are saying. But I see your intentions of raising awareness and I absolutely love it. Great job. Subscribed

  3. Just came across your channel today. Subscribed after 1 video. I've spent hours watching your content from that point. I appreciate how in depth you are.

  4. Wholesaling is a lot more easy in Alabama than in Bronx, NY.
    With the power of the internet a wholesaler can place themselves as the guru and hav other bring them deals.
    Is a win win for them if they charging to train other wholesalers.

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  6. Quick question, let’s say you have a seller and you sign a contract and all that’s left is to find a buyer, if you can’t find a buyer within the amount of days you signed off on can you cancel the contract. If so would that cost money to do?

  7. 1. Scared money don't make no money.
    2. The more risk. The more return. What is your risk tolerance ? Comfort zone v Capability zone. Work to a deadline. Have an accountability partner.
    3. Get laser focus. Chase 2 rabbits – catch none. Do one thing at a time.
    4. Never forget your why. Cash flow or lump sum?
    5. People help people who help themselves. Put in some effort, don't wait to be hand-fed.

  8. Yo this video was sick. You are just real and you can hear it in your voice. I appreciate you for this and sharing this to the people.

  9. Hey, new to your channel. Seems like you went to college and then started investing in real estate. Can you do a video on your real estate journey so far? I’m about to graduate college and plan to start investing as well

  10. Thanks for this! I liked what was said about laser focus. It sounded cheesy at first, but I realized I'm going to have to not be afraid and just go all in if I wanna make this happen. Scared money don't make no money!

  11. 👆👆🇺🇸👆👆
    Thank you sir for all your hard work and dedication.. May this investment bring all of us with lots of success , joy and happiness

  12. 👆👆🇺🇸👆👆
    Thank you sir for all your hard work and dedication.. May this investment bring all of us with lots of success , joy and happiness

  13. Extremely motivational and informative! I am an English Teacher that is tired of the 9-5 hours. “I want to be free” is so empowering! Thank you.

  14. Free is the goal. Not worried about bills is good but. Not working to pay your basic costs is almost heaven .waking up knowing you don’t need to work today rocks.

  15. Hello my name is Bertine I am 19 years old and my why is to own more properties to increase my cash flow and I was wondering if you can.

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