Many riders find their state of bliss in the freedom experienced while skating. The Solo Shreds Series visit Denver, Colorado with lifetime local Colorado Cadi who gives us a glimpse into what his life has become with the limitless opportunity of electric boards.

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  1. I'm 28 and I have an EUC my daughter is 10 and she has a Onewheel. I can definitely say that some of our best moments are when we're riding along a new City or just out on some trails. Wind blowing, sometimes music, sometimes just the nature around.

  2. The way he rides in harmony with his board is a work of art. He doesn’t flow without his board and his board doesn’t move without him. It’s a symbiotic relationship that is wonderful to watch. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is a beautiful story🥺😍the freedom to ride Evolve skateboards must be such a great experience, I dream of experiencing the same feeling as Caddy 🥺😻I love these skateboards and skateboarding in general is a part of my life and freedom of movement and mind 🤟❤️❤️ I watch videos every day and I feel goose skins on my hands and feet how great this electric skateboard is and that one day I will experience the same great feeling with Evolve skateboards !! 🤩😍 Peace and love and freedom of movement for all who love skateboarding 🛹 😻🌈 Happy Christmas to all ❤️🎄🍀Z.

  4. I’m with you brother, I’m fighting the same battle. And those evolved dudes haves played a major role in my new journey in life. Never stop rock’n and never stop roll’n. PeaceLove&Huggs

  5. Nice video…I did hear a story through the grape vine about a 1 year plus failed consignment sale by Cadi… The board was ridden well by Cadi for a year and barely marketed online then sent back to seller on sellers dime instead of a smooth consignment sale. Please treat the community as you would like to be treated.

  6. Hello from the Czech Republic, I like to watch your videos, I think you have the best electric skateboards in the world. In time, I may also be able to buy your GTR Bamboo All Terrain. Good luck . Roman Skala

  7. ‘*Nothing* else matters? Absolutely nothing compares to a board’?

    I love my bamboo however, gee I dunno, those feelings of ‘freedom’ and euphoria I get on the motorbike too. I’m an 80s baby so I get it from rollerblades also.

    Get a motorbike or at least a Super 73, mate. You’ll replicate that ‘feeling’ which allegedly ‘nothing’ compares to immediately… bikes can go in far more places than even AT boards so it’s only logical you’ll get a more ‘free’ feeling on bikes.

    Hurry up and get into the eBike game, Evolve. Or you’re going to get left behind in the market. eBoards are banned or illegal in some way in too many states. You need to diversify and capture the larger market of two-wheel fans.

    Bikes bikes bikes. Come onnnnnn. I’ll be your first customer if you get into it.

  8. Top bloke, Evolve are lucky to havs this dude ridin for them!
    This man has overcome so much, and did it with dignity, awesome example to the rest of us, keep on rockin bro!!!

  9. I am live and OneWheel/eskate in Aurora. Always wanted to head Downtown and skate around, time and opportunity has stopped me. What rules do I need (like where you can/can't Sk8)?

  10. This was a fantastic video. Nice shots, angles, editing. The skating was of course awesome too. Love the story. Keep bringing it Evolve 😊🛹😊🛹

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