EXPOSING An Infamous Real Estate Scam

Hey guys! Here’s a really unique video, sponsored by our friends at Home Title Lock. You can check out their title theft prevention service at : and be sure to mention to them the promo code “INVESTJOY” to help support my channel!

In this video, our friend, Matt Cox, who’s commited between $55 million and $100 million in mortgage fraud, breaks down one of his classic real estate schemes, and some ways for both homeowners and investors to prevent it.

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  1. Reading about people grabbing multi-figures monthly as income in investments even in this crazy days in the market,any pointers on how to make substantial progress’s
    in earnings?would be appreciated and welcomed

  2. This scam has been in the news a lot lately and its not just some other state its happening where I live and I am baffled at how simple and easy it is to do.

  3. How can the town office be so stupid ??? Takes a banking agent to give a deed. ?? Omg.. this would cripple a person financially !!
    Getting into my cable provider account is more secure. I mean. Wtf !!

  4. Matt's back story is literally Amazing , 'Catch me if you can' kinda vibe , and he is hilarious at telling it.
    When he says to his own lawyers "who told you my name was {roger smith}".

  5. Investment Joy… I’m so disappointed in you… first by promoting this company and second by giving this ex con a new platform. He should be still in jail… I bet he never repaid one cent of the money he scammed from good people. As I understand it, Title Lock can not monitor your title 24/7 like they claim. They don’t have immediate online access to records departments of every county in the U.S. if a crook forged title, and pulled money from a fraudulent loan… Title Lock does nothing to help stop or recoup the money stolen! So what good are they? People can’t loose their homes to this fraud because the hard money lenders can’t foreclose on a fraudulent warranty Deed. Be warned people.

  6. 1. Damn this stairs are steep.

    2. Finance criminals are so interesting to me because you actually have to be smart to pull it off

  7. My comment mentioning multiple articles about how the sponsor to this video is preying on the fears of people and offers no real product that can’t be done for free was deleted.

    Speaks loads for the nature of this video.

  8. Matt’s interviews on the channel Koncrete was one of the craziest most fascinating stories I’ve ever heard. I believe there’s 3 and each is like 2 hours long but so worth it

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