first impressions of DENVER | worth the move?

We’ve been living in Denver for almost 3 months now, and wanted to check in on how we’re liking it! Also includes some ~fun~ footage of us fighting, sweat stains, a rant on asmr, and a thicc hairy land seal.

00:00 Intro
00:29 Weather
01:28 Urban Life
04:37 Weed
05:15 Recreation
08:43 People
10:56 Diversity
11:53 *tangent* Jake talking sh*t on ASMR
14:17 Food


  1. Met a lady who lived in El Paso. Her skin was radiant. I asked her what her secret was, she said, flax seed oil. Her skin was pumped up like a 🍉. It looked incredible for having lived in a dry climate.

  2. So are you guy going to stay to live or will look up another city? I and my hb think to move to Denver from NY next year. And we plan to have a baby as well in there. Want to hear, what you would do if you want to have a baby. Stay Denver or move to other cities

  3. Wow. With all the horrible street layouts, and the lack of diversity and everything here in Colorado, it sounds like you guys are having a horrible time. You should probably go back to New York.

  4. Actually, the public transit is good and very easy to use. What neighborhood are you in where there aren't crosswalks? This makes no sense. I grew up in Denver. Ok, as you were talking you said RINO. Also explains your infrastructure impression. That used to be Skid Row back in the day. Denver has a very high rate of hit and runs. I'm always fascinated by New Yorkers moving here. You guys need to explore more LOL! Get out of RINO. Re: diversity+food. You two seem really nice btw.

  5. I went to some great shows at warehouse venues in your neighborhood that are all gone now so people like you could move here and live in a cookie cutter box they put up in their place. You say all of the guys look the same but its just in your gentrified neighborhood. More accurate would be…all the guys moving here and living in my trendy neighborhood all look the same.

  6. Denver has just become a caricaturized version of itself, kind of like Main Street USA at Disneyland. Most of the culture here spawned artificially in the last 15 years or so. People come here to play the Patagonia sporting, 14er hiking, golden retriever owning, beer drinking, outdoorsman character that they saw on social media, and It’s adorable frankly. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad life. It’s just funny how hard people try to box themselves in to their preconceived perception of Colorado. My advice: find some unique, obscure hobbies to take up while you’re here. Participate in a bourgeoning scene. Encourage bar DJ’s to stop playing the same mass appeal garbage everywhere you go. We could take some pages out of NYC’s book.

  7. Would love to hear another update. Me and my fiance are native east coasters but are currently living in Phoenix. Pretty sure Denver is our next move as soon as this fall. Hope you guys are enjoying it!

  8. Get out of Rino and go into Aurora, S. Federal/ the west side of town if you are looking for more diversity. Federal Blvd has a Vietnamese neighborhood with great restaurants. The center of Denver is all gentrified. Denver is not as diverse as NY, but 30% are latinos, and 10% black. Some times we get annoyed when people try to whitewash our city and make anyone who is not white think they will be outsiders. We are here, even if you don't see us. Enjoy Denver and get out to the mountains more! Peace from a fellow Denverite and Latino

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