Florida Real Estate About to FLIP | Staged Housing Bubble!

1,600,000+ Homes in Florida are VACANT – over 17%… HERE’S WHY – add me on insta @thisisjohnwilliams

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I sold my Los Angeles home and moved my family to Florida. We have loved Florida and we can’t help but notice how crazy the housing market has been. We have seen rents increase 30% and our own landlord increased our rent from $2,500 to $5,500! The housing market is absolutely insane in Florida especially in desirable housing markets such as Tampa and Miami however the question is – is this real estate market sustainable?

I came across some very interesting data – did you know that over 17% of ALL homes in Florida are sitting vacant? That is a whopping 1,600,000 total homes in florid are sitting vacant yet there are massive rent increases and home prices are sky rocketing due to low interest rates, change in lifestyle and all of this liquidity in the market.

Is this housing market going to pop in Florida? Here are my thoughts on what I think could happen if we had a room full of people sitting at the table worth tens or hundreds of billions of dollars that wanted to invest and be forward thinking on the housing market in Florida.


  1. I wanted to move there, but am rethinking it, looking at a cheaper real estate market. The re price to earnings ratio doesn’t make sense anymore. I will take a 40% pay cut if I go there, and pay the same for a mortgage? No, I’ll wait.

  2. Think about it… 'their' agenda is "you'll own nothing and be happy", so that isn't going to happen if landlords are getting rich off of rent and continuing a comfortable home ownership. They have to squeeze the landlords out and in order to do that they have to collapse high rent payments that renters have been paying towards landlords mortgages. The next attack is on rental properties. They will reduce it so much that everyone with income properties will be forced to sell. That's the plan anyways🙄

  3. Very simplistic logic. The “vacant 1.6 million”
    are second homes, mostly vacation homes from affluent northerners, add to this internationals who park their money on a hard asset because economies there are tanking faster than ours;
    they still believe in our fast eroding economy. It is time that insurance and property taxes are adjusted to discourage absentee owners because they do not contribute to Fl economy and lock out Fl home ownership. However I think with the global winds out there real estate ownership will be a thing of the past.

  4. Congress can take away Depreciation rights on these homes . Investors would leave town real fast. This is not a government of the people or for the people.

  5. Republicans like De Santis use fake culture wars and race to get white, working class and blue collar Americans to keep voting them into office. Then they do little to nothing to help you. Governor De Santis spends his time attacking LGBT people, attacking Disney, attacking high school kids who wear masks and banning "certain" books that Republicans feel threatened by (talk about cancel culture). I grew up in Florida. My family still live there. My nephew and his wife with two children just had their rent increased from $1,200 a month to $2,100 a month. Their landlord said to pay or move. My parents' home's property taxes have more than doubled in the last few years even though their social security and limited income has increased nominally. They are contemplating leaving the state because they can't afford their property taxes. I live in a Democratic controlled state. I bought my home ten years ago. My property taxes increase around 1% per year with a maximum of 2% of assessed value, no matter how much my home has increased. If I still lived in Florida, and my home had more than doubled in value (which most Florida homes have), I could not afford to stay. Here in my Democratic controlled city, renters who have been in their apartment for years are protected in that rent increases are tied to the cost of living index. This past year, even with high inflation, the average rent increase was under 2.3%. You cannot see your rent increase by hundreds per month. Keep voting for Republicans who fill you with fear about fake critical race theory, anti-immigrant rhetoric or anti LGBT tropes and see where that gets you. It gets you having to move out of your home.

  6. OpenDoor and OfferPad owned by Saudi’s and China is killing this country
    And Florida’s Real Estate agents are used car salesman
    They mislead constantly
    We move every 2 years and every home I sold and bought was found by me online
    And the Title company does most of the work.

  7. I lost you when you said bad loans. What bad loans? Do you mean when landlords buy at such high interest rates they will demand high rent. But then rent will drop when 1.6 million homes come back to the market? If so, we are talking 5-10 years out minimum.

  8. With all due respect sir, I live in Florida. Most vacant properties are a result of vacation snow bird owners. Moreover, your bubble scenario, while i agree with, may continue to go up. Look at Japan and Toronto Canada. Also, Manhattan in 2008 didn’t do so poorly. As long as problem migrant to Florida, we will continue to have price increases.

  9. Many ppl buy a house in FL to move to when they retire in a few years. Some family preferred it vacant than renting it or use it as vacation home. I know some who moved for good after keeping the house empty for a few years and With today’s technology can check the property round clock and I wondered how many people are doing the same. I also think the black rock and the likes are grabbing homes for the great reset agenda which is not working as planned. These co, are greedy and evil they don’t care about humanity even to the point of pushing ppl to homeless tenets.

  10. Could be that those hoge Capitalized firm's own all that inventory and have lots of it without homeowners insurance. That forced the insurance price up

  11. Does he ever confirm that these vacant homes are corporate-owned? I don't recall hearing that specific thing and the story he's telling kind of hinges on that.

  12. My family lives in Florida. The reason there are so many vacant properties is because they belong to snowbirds vacation there in the winter. I'm from New York and I know that many many people from New York go down to Florida for the winter

  13. Interesting BUT! I make Florida home and live in a gated community of nearly 4500 homes. About 60% of my community are snowbirds, here Nov. – March. That said, Florida vacancy is very different in July than in Jan.

  14. Lived in fl my whole life im almost 40 and its been like this most of my life. People own houses in fl and never come. If they come at all it 1 or 2 weekends a year. So id say a majority of the 1.6m homes are people's 2 or 3rd home.

  15. With so many people owning a vacation home, 2nd home in Florida it would be possible to have that many vacant homes. Many are only there a month , if that , in a year. Also, many of them are paart time AirBB

  16. More than 16 million homes are vacant in the US. That’s nearly 1 in 10 homes. It’s not a supply and demand issue, especially when we’re only 5 million short.

  17. Your theory is 100% true, Im part of some investment groups and this is happening quietly. Advice if you own your home or any property don't get greedy and sell it or refinance it, keep it. Owning a home will be a thing of the past and you'll be luckly to have something like a home or property.

  18. How can they afford to do that? Even the big investors are not immune to market forces. Why would they keep houses that, 1) they are losing money on, and 2) are a depreciating asset?

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