Getting Real Estate Leads Just Got WAY Easier!

Getting real estate leads for more real estate agents is still their #1 challenge. This new real estate lead generation tool will change that forever!

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Brandon is a real estate broker in Michigan and is the CEO of Brookstone Realtors. Real estate coaching is Brandon’s passion. He teaches real estate agents at his company and around the country how to get listings using his reverse selling lead generation system. His mission is to teach real estate agents how to sell without being salesy, he calls it reverse selling.


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  1. I just signed up with Remine and it’s actually half off with my CRMLS membership. Thank you for always posting helpful tools and info! Im learning a ton from your level 1 academy. You are an amazing coach!

  2. Hey Brandon! Love this! Unfortunately for me, my MLS does not include the pro version in my MLS dues. Wish they were providing some value in the Denver, CO area. They have a free 30 trail but I might have the bite the bullet and pay the monthly fee. Do you know of any platforms that are similar and provide the same kind of data the Remine does? Maybe I can find a cheaper platform?

  3. I just ran a list today and 95% of the numbers are stamped DNC- do not call. How do we work around this? I am totally willing to call these numbers- that's why I made the list.

  4. quick question: most of the contacts with this method didnt have phone numbers, and the ones that did were mostly DNC numbers.. since i already have mojo do you think it would be better to just get the leads straight from mojo to weed out the DNC's and still filter for downsizers?

  5. Hey Brandon! Just curious, if there are multiple numbers in 1 column, my dialer won't import the numbers. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  6. We are now competing with Zillow and the average Joe making transactions with these websites.

  7. Realtors definitely needs to see this video, Brandon! You just gave away all the things they need to know to skyrocket their real estate business. We usually encounter things like this with our realtor clients, and they get mindblown whenever they discover ways on how to generated leads in bulk and instantly without paying much and spending a lot of time going over different strategies and channels. 👏

    An insider tip: if you want to generate a new list of addresses in one area, or uncover more details of your existing leads, premium search tools such as USPS Address Lookup, Reverse Address Lookup (new leads) and Data appending (nurture data of existing ones). If you're doing outreach, verifying whether the contact info you have is still reachable or not should be part of your game plan, and one of the ways to that is by utilizing email or phone number validator tools.

    Realtors can highly benefit from search tools, and it's just a matter of time for others to understand how it works and how it can help to leverage marketing. Thank you so much for this awesome video, Brandon! You're helping a lot of people through your content. Wishing you the best! 🙌

  8. Hey Brandon! I've been following all of your videos and even spoke with your awesome father-in-law about coaching. I joined a real estate group and am being recruited to join a team. I've had my license since 2018 and have successfully closed 24 deals successfully. Only reason being I have very young ones that have absorbed most of my time. Should I do it??? Help!

  9. Hey Brandon I love all your videos I watch them constantly. I signed up for the pro version of remine today ($99 a month through my MLS) I followed your video for an area near me and got 102 homes that fit the downsizer criteria but when I exported the information it only gave me phone numbers for about 25% of the results. Is that normal? Thanks!

  10. I found some bugs and reported them. The csv export has "null" in the "Owner 1 Full Name" field, for example, it has "Jason null Smith". The application also crashed twice in different places in Chrome.

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