How Do You Become a Millionaire in Real Estate For Beginners

Earning a great income in real estate as an investor is not difficult, but how exactly do you get deals and profits as a beginner? It will require you to become an entrepreneur and tackle some new things. Join me in today’s episode so I can share with you everything I know and what I did. Let’s go!

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Noelle Randall

Key Moments In This Episode
00:31 What’s in today’s episode?
02:42 Step by Step Process
04:25 Millionaire Meaning
10:13 Implement This Plan
13:20 Where the real money is

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  1. I’ve bought houses with the profits generated from consistent trading in the stock market. it’s smart to prefer investing in stocks because that alone could set you up for some really great profit for a long time.

  2. You really give mi more ideas i have close friend paid it almost millions then suddenly can no more pay continually sad to say she lost them all i have one now juat started i dont wanna be like her because i have so much in mind on how to start from one property into many thank tou for your wonderful ideas God bless you

  3. Wow…that sounds almost cruel. Buying the house worth 200k for 5k. Profiting from someone's distress and ignorance. Sounds wrong.

    Missed something…you keep saying you are " helping them out" by paying them a tiny fraction of what their property is worth?

  4. Noelle you are amazing! I just subscribed to your channel last week and I have learned so much already. My husband and I had a construction company for 14 years (we were millionaires) and closed it in 2017 bc of economic downturns and physical exhaustion. It was an amazing ride. We have 9-5 jobs now bc we worked our way out of bankruptcy. In addition, we have flipped 4 homes over the years. Real Estate is where we made our "easiest" money. We are looking forward to getting back out there. We did it once and I know we can do it again. Any advice?

  5. For example my neighbor behind his payment, the bill is over $6000 but he can not afford it. You said I could talk to him to take over that do I approach him to do that?
    Or if he's agree m'I suppose to kick him out to take over I'm confuse in that curve.

  6. I know this may be a stupid question. Bit i came across these videos after watching your credit restoration type of videos.. Do I have to go out and get a real estate license first to do all of this? (Finding people with property problems)

  7. Nice video, I like the content on your channel. I'm a real estate agent out here in Chicago, recently launched my Youtube. Would love to support one another and possibly do some work together in the future. Reach out on IG @fullerlifestyle_

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