How I Became A Real Estate Agent & Sold My First House In 60 Days

I became a real estate agent! With that came a ton of learning that took away from youtube. Today I am getting back into the swing of things and giving you an update on how I became a real estate agent and sold my first house within the first 60 days!
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  1. My why! Not only have I always loved everything about homes and real estate, it is SO rewarding watching people see their dreams come true, whether that’s their first home and moving in or selling their home and moving on, or even for investment reasons! I’m an agent in Michigan! I’d love to connect to send referrals to each other if we have clients in our areas!

  2. Oh wow! That's so big! You seem like you found something really great! Definitely challenging isn't that the idea!? I'm in the same bought I want this job I'm applying for so bad that I'm almost more afraid of getting it, because then I have to do it and what if i'm terrible? Thats how you know it's important.

  3. I moved so much in my life and im only 16 Ive been interested in doing something in the house field like realtor, interior designer, and/or architect. It just really interest me so hopefully ill be a realtor at 18!!

  4. Honestly I love helping people right now I’m a CNA and I love it but I feel like I could help more people with real estate. If I can transform people’s life and help someone and put a roof over there head I would love that.

  5. Can you call it a career when it hasn't even been a year yet that you've done it? I wouldn't say it's a career yet. Wait 10 years and then you can say that. You don't even know if you'll make it or quit.

  6. Washington local here! Thank you for sharing allll of these helpful tips! I was also looking into Rockwell Institute and so happy when I heard that's the course you took, but I will probably be taking the Real Estate Express course instead, thank youuu!!!

  7. It's so cool! I love creating building projects and decorating the interior, pretty much from 0 to 100, but I don't have any training or school, I just love it and I'm very good at organizing space and connecting it with needs and lifestyles. You're making me wanna take on this fuller time

  8. Monica this is amazing!! I'd love to connect sometime – I've acutally been looking to partner with someone in the Seattle area (being in the RE space as well) to throw some ideas back and forth! Let me know what the best way to get in contact is!

  9. My “why” of becoming a real estate agent is because I love presenting, business, finances, meeting new people, interior design/staging, and architecture. THIS BUSINESS IS ME IN A NUTSHELL ❤️😂

  10. This is Awesome! I am a Realtor in Los Angeles & its very normal feeling to feel nervous & anxious in the beginning & it does get better.. you got this! The fact that you have 5 escrows & already closed a hand full of transactions within 60 days already puts you ahead of the game compared to some seasoned agents! I know you will have continued success in Real Estate! p.s if you need an awesome realtor in LA or CA, I would be happy to help!

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