How Much I Made First Month As A Real Estate Agent

How Much I Made First Month As A Real Estate Agent

Real estate is a different ball game. You can think one thing, but once your actually in the business, then you’ll understand how hard it actually is.

Overall, you can make real good money in real estate if you are dedicated and consistent, but no matter what, it is going to be a bit tough that first year when your getting your feet wet, but don’t let that worry you.

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Being a real estate agent is not as easy as most people think. That is why in today’s video, I explained when I got into the real estate business and how much I made my first month as a real estate agent.

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  1. Just subbed! I just got my license and I'm about to start my journey this week as a real estate agent. I will continue to follow you as we go on this journey together! You got this!

  2. So I haven’t paid for the courses/ classes to get my license but what do you recommend an aspiring agent to work on or study in the meantime while saving for the courses?

  3. I didn’t sell anything my first year and just ended my second year with 3. It’s definitely hard, but worth it. Good luck to you!! I want to do YouTube part time as well and I enjoy watching your videos! Any advice for getting over being camera shy? Also are you recording on your phone?

  4. I’m 14 and I want to be a real estate agent when I’m out of high school. I still want to go to college to make my parents happy but it’s not needed. I’m mentally preparing myself for when I choose the job I’m going to choose in my life. Thank you for the advice. I see that it is brutal but if you work hard you make good money

  5. I already know your TIKTOK honestly looking at you while talking I can see your real face and your real voice. You are the most honest agent I have ever seen. Also I have a question. I have done four years of law and justices and I wanted to apply for law school. But somehow I thought on becoming a real estate agent and not to go to law school. What should I do? I mean honestly I can not do law and real estate together is too just too much.

  6. I’m 19 and working on getting my license but I believe I have an upper hand compared to lots of other new realtors because I started in the real estate game at 18 by doing fix n flips.

  7. Yep! This is the reality. And this is why real estate agents have a high failure rate- bc so many people quit after a few months not realizing they will be losing money for a while to begin with. In this business you have to pay your dues first that’s for sure. thank you for transparency.

  8. Loved this video so much and the way you share the real, behind-the-scenes struggles. I'm really looking forward to digging deeper into the content on your channel and following along on your journey. Thanks for sharing!

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