How much I made in 60 Days As A ReaI Estate Agent & How much it really costs to become a Realtor

In this video I will be discussing how much it really costs to become a real estate agent . I’m a new real estate agent in Florida , so the amounts may vary state to state. I would encourage you to do as much research as possible. Watch as many related videos as possible to help you get the best start in you new career as a real estate agent. I knew nothing outside of the cost of pre-licensing classes and background checks. Listed below is a break down of some of the fees you need to be prepared for as soon as you complete your pre-licensed real estate classes. Remember prices vary, save all of your receipts for filing taxes.

1.Pre-licensing real estate classes and training : $300 – $500
2.Finger printing and background check: $50 – $90
3.License Application fee: $83
4.Real Estate Exam Fee : $36
5.Brokerage Desk Fees: $55 – $100
* it could be more depending on the brokerage you chose.
6. Local/state board fees for REALTOR ASSOCIATION/ NAR : $870
7. MLS Fees: $294 ( that includes the activation fee)
8. Lockbox fees: $53 activation fee , then $18 monthly fee
9. Business cards and marketing : Start up $200- $500
10. A reliable car .

Hopefully that helps some of you new agents or anyone looking for information to become a real estate agent.

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