How to Invest in Real Estate Without Owning Real Estate & Crypto Backed Mortgages | JORDAN DOVE

Can you invest in real estate without owning physical real estate? Yes, you can. It’s called a Real Estate Investment Trust and the earnings are paid in the form of dividends. Also, the second largest mortgage company in the United States, United Wholesale Mortgage was the first company to accept BitCoin, Ethereum & Doge for mortgage payments. The pilot program ended, but why?

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  1. Congrats on your new channel. Here is a tip, and my opinion. If you want people to believe that you have financial advice of value, which would indicate that you yourself are financially successful… you need to get rid of that cheap-ass, Walmart desk/bookcase behind you. To me it says, if this guy has to buy DIY, particleboard furniture, he's no more (or less) successful than I am, and maybe his advise isn't that valuable. It's the small things that make a difference!

  2. TWO dividend $0.17/share at $6.40. Wow! You can make some serious money with that yield!!

    $500,000 can get 78,125 shares with/ $0.17 monthly dividend = $13,281.25/month

    Is that right?

  3. thank you Jordan. Unfortunatley I rent, but have investments in Invitation homes and American homes 4 rent. I was thinking about Fundrise. do you have any thoughts on fundrise?

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