1. Sir me real estate me job kerty ho bahira town Karachi me ?ap ke vedio mji kafee kuch information,👍👍

  2. AOA Sir me irfan Ahmad from Multan sir me 1 middle class family se taaluk rakhta hn sir me real estate me interested hn

  3. MashAllah
    Excellent !
    I want to join you and want to be a part of our team to learn and gain experience.
    Waiting for positive reply.

  4. بہت شکریہ گائیڈ کرنے کا، اللہ آپ کو دونوں جہانوں میں خوش رکھے

  5. Aslamo alikum Bilal bahi Mary pas Dubai ka 2 Sal ka acspirinece hy as agent mojy ap ki company my job Mel sakti hy

  6. Salam Sir i lisent your interview i inspired i want to be a part of your company share me guidance for Karachi city

  7. 3 Main risks investing in real estate that I consider in Pakistan. 1. Qabza Mafia 2. No NOC with concerned authority, or illegal housing societies 3. Lack of provision of information, limited online services and property rules by Government of Pakistan. But your program provided vital info, Thanks for video.

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