I SCARED the Mayor of Denver, Colorado!!

What up bush fam!! Glad to be back with another fun video!! I want to thank everyone for wishing me a Happy Birthday! I read all the comments and it was much appreciated!!

In this video I scared the Mayor of Denver Colorado during my trip last weekend! Gotta give it to him for being a good sport! This was filmed on the 16th street mall in Denver. Definitely worth checking out!! Had a good time in Denver doing the Bushman Prank and hopefully you get to see it in this video. Enjoy your week everyone!!

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  1. Videos like these are nice. A prank with no true victim or at someone’s expense minus a shocking yell or gasp. I really enjoy the just for laughs gags from Canada as well.

  2. Lol I go to school down the road from 16th and I remember skating past you one of the days you were out there. Glad to see it popped up in my recommended

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  4. Happiness is the key to life and seeing people laughing and having a good day is the best. You should come to Fort Collins Colorado in the old town area. You would be sure to get a great film

  5. These vids will never get old, and then you came to my home state of Colorado and got the mayor!!🤣 the building at the end with the big blue bear is where the porn convention used to be at a few years back

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