iBuyers Continue to SLASH Prices, CRASHING the Arizona Real Estate Market

iBuyers have continued to slash their prices because that is the only way they can continue to sell homes in this market. This is having more of an effect on the overall Phoenix Real Estate Market when it comes to pricing. If you are looking for a deal, take a look at this video so you know where to focus.


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  1. its going to get worse really really bad some say worse than 2008 possible as bad as 1929… where my grandparents lived in the south they boiled weeds and bark off of trees to eat to survive…. started world war ll german people got tired of eating weeds and bark… and listened to a very demonic person…

  2. One possible explanation is they can afford to sell some at a loss because they are up significantly on previous purchases, but here is where it could be at , by selling a large chunk at a loss , they can artificially manipulate the market , then once it drops they buy up at a discount, then the price climbs up again. Just my conspiracy theory , maybe I am wrong, but scary to think this is allowed to go on if true.

  3. you have to factor in seller-paid fees on the front end to truly get their numbers. They make their money on the front end, not on the back end. Also, the rate on the debt they're carrying is crippling. They'll be gone in months, but not because of the "loss" on each house you're talking about, but because of the debt they carry.

  4. I understand you’re a realtor and trying your best to hide the truth. But if Opendoor was used on comps and to justify outrageous prices on the way up, it’s comical that you are now trying to exclude them as prices fall off the cliff. Pretty dishonest but there are a lot of uninformed buyers that may not know better so you will be ok.

  5. It seems to be the problem of the very greedy which is the governor, Mayors, Incorporated Village heads.. County executives, state executives etc. etc. that you elect. The general public like me and you we listen to these wealthy fools give us a whole bunch of BS and says I’m your man and I’ll take care of the problem and maybe he does but then he still has his own agenda. He wants to make more money to or she.

  6. Ummmm they are the ones that Ran up this bloated market. So cry Crocodile tears somewhere else. Everyone and thier mom knows these prices were not sustainable . Myself and many of my neighbors that brought In "normal"times knows our Houses are not worth maybe 50% of what this market is doing.
    Houses are shelter for families not NOT some corporate profit margin.
    I hope they(I-buyers) all go down in Ball of flames they are destroying our neighborhoods..

  7. I keep getting phone calls every day for my rental property in San tan valley. They want to make cash offer. I just say no and hang up . Next time I will ask if they are part of open door.

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