Inside This Breathtaking $3,600,000 Denver, Colorado Mansion

Inside This Breathtaking $3,600,000 Denver, Colorado Mansion

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  1. Cheap, that house looks nothing but cheap. White, stucco, what looks to be vinyl windows? Keep it, I’ll take a brick house built by craftsmen any day over this bland unimaginative shack.

  2. as always from me guys a well deserved like I love you very much thank you for your work I am waiting for your next video works

  3. Hey LPG I just wanted to tell you that the house and mansion you find from….I don't know I think u find it from nowhere coz these dream houses are soooo mind blasting and I can't afford it….oof my brain…..I just like it, really…….keep it up LPG……keep this excellent work on…..😇😇😇

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