Is the Real Estate Industry Growing in Pakistan?

With current climatic conditions along with rampant increase in population, the infrastructure and development of cities is an important area to focus. General Manager of @TopLine Marketing, Jawad Amin, explains how real estate sector can contribute to Pakistan’s economy.

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  1. This man is my teacher in real estate,from my starting days in topline marketing and then traveling in real estate,sky,makeen,regency,deal & deal and now I'm in leading role Alhamdullilah.thank you sir jawad.❤️Mentor

  2. in my opinion,whole real state sector of Pakistan is a fraud,youtube is full of videos,where developers dont have noc or thing like my opinion,if you want to buy land/house as an investment,dont do it,do some kind of business.or buy a house in an area which is already developed like 20,30 years back.

  3. Societies are involved with Dealers/Sales Partners.
    Once you buy from them. When you sell it they will offer you Half of its Price with 100 excuses that market is down there is no Buyer currently.
    Its in Dealers Hands if you cant hold it definatley you will get loss in this field.

    I am an affectee with bundle more people in contact with same issue. The societie have noc but rates are in Minus from past 1 year.
    Dealers do the Game.

  4. Thanks TCM for covering this topic to get this public getting out from this dilemma….Because recently I joined also this sector as an internee but within a month I realised that 99/100 societies are just planned they don't have land ,even no NOC and mostly overseas people get scammed by dealers….

    I request to everyone who is reading this comment plz Don't invest in real estate in Pakistan but you should must go for renting business must…

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