Is the Real Estate Market Losing Steam? Housing Inventory Increases

Is homebuyer demand dropping? Housing inventory has increased for FOUR consecutive months! In today’s housing market update, I discuss the latest real estate market news. I also share the latest update regarding mortgage loan forbearance, mortgage application changes and mortgage interest rates.

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According to the National Association of Realtors, after four straight months of declines, sales of previously owned homes (i.e. existing homes) rose 1.4% in June month to month and 22.9% from one year ago. The median home price in June reached yet another record high of $363,300, up 23.4% from June 2020. That’s the 4th consecutive month where home price records were broken.

The Mortgage Banker’s Association (MBA) reported a couple of days ago that mortgage applications for home purchases decreased 6% from a week ago to their lowest levels since May 2020. Stay tuned on the channel because if this continues to drop, then homebuyer demand could be dropping as well.

To give you a quick mortgage interest rates update, according to the Mortgage News Daily the average 30yr fixed rate mortgage decreased to 2.87% for the current mortgage rates. This is mixed news if you’re a homebuyer right now or if you’re a homeowner looking to refinance.

Comment below: what’s your housing market 2021 forecast and housing market forecast 2021? Do you think a housing crash 2021 will happen and there will be a housing crash due to a housing bubble, a 2021 housing market crash 2021 or are your housing market predictions that the real estate market 2021 and home prices 2021 will continue to surge?

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  2. Thanks once again for sharing the facts. Missed you last week. If I ever plan to buy a house in Sacramento I know whom to reach out to. Please keep up the good work.

  3. Hi Jason, I've been a long time equity investor and I see a lot of data showing that the 10 yr T-bill rates will be starting a sharp 8 month increase in the next few weeks, so I think the 30 yr mortgage should follow. If rates go from 2.6 to 4.5% in 8 months, how would you think that may impact the housing market? On one hand, higher rates means less buyer demand. On the other hand there is still little inventory and if rates go up, people who refinanced low will not be willing to sell their homes right?

  4. Early next month, I am planning to take a trip to the Florida Panhandle, so I can check out a new 55+ community. I predict that will be the next growth area for families and not just retirement. It’s so beautiful.

  5. Here in Ventura County prices are still going up, some inventory uptick, but not much really. Homes in the Low 1M, are just about gone if they are in excellent condition over 2k living space, single story and good size lots. I don't know where all this down payment money is coming from, or cash offers still are happening (I expect, not as much as the prices are now very high). Unfortunately for us, we were hoping to move up and were on a waiting list of new homes, but the recent release saw a 15% increase from the last one in just April of this year. That's crazy, and I doubt we'll be signing papers on that. I don't even know if we qualify for a loan of this magnitude, which would be over the conforming limits and lead to Jumbo mumbo numbers. It's crazy, and waiting 'seems' like the best thing. Then again, that's what many of us were thinking last year, and the year before.

  6. Hi Jason,

    I'm originally from Sacramento and have seen many changes here in my lifetime. Now that I'm in the market to purchase a home again, I really appreciate learning from you…It really shows how much attention you put into your videos. I have a few favorite hosts and your one of them!

  7. Upon inspection, my wife and I are about to close on our first home. Very nervous but excited. Aside from my research, your videos and market analysis was and still is my go-to to stay informed

  8. Your vids are getting better every week! I watch all of them. Question about mortgage application numbers declining- if they drop, but pending sales stay within a range able to sustain the low inventory, wouldn’t it mean that buyers are not fatiguing, they are just getting out priced? Especially with more and more cash buyers? One other type of buyer that I don’t think is in here but may be increasing due to more widespread education is people using hard money loans as cash offers….

  9. JASON, you should do something with scammers on your video. They are responding back to the comments with your name under a fake account and a phone number. I reported them but YouTube doesn't care.

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